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Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

Pics | 1 Feb, 2013 | Views: 6365 |  +10   |  

China's capital Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Now it's the first city where you can buy canned fresh air. And it's not a souvenir or something like this. It's a can of the real fresh air that you can use if you feel dizzy and have headaches.

1 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

2 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

3 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

4 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

5 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

6 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

7 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

8 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

9 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

10 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

11 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

12 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

13 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

14 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

15 Canned Fresh Air (15 pics)

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№1 Author: No1 (1 Feb 2013 01:47) Total user comments: 1194

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And people laugh at those who've given up big, gas-guzzling trucks in favor of smaller hybrids. This is why.
№2 Author: 1234 (1 Feb 2013 02:01) Total user comments: 1847

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i don't get it the guy looks like his drinking it 0_o shouldn't it be like spray can
№3 Author: Jimmy Johnson (1 Feb 2013 02:34) Total user comments: 5518

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These are some of the problems faced with 22 million people living in the capital of the world's most populated country. One of the major problems is that it is located in the middle of a desert, unlike other large coastal cities which have the benefit of sea air for cleansing.

At least Beijing's government attempts to do something by ordering rotating plant closures and limiting the number of vehicles allowed on the roads at any given time.

The only thing that will solve the problem is to move away from an oil-based society. Unfortunately, oil companies monopolize what vehicles we use by buying new technology from inventors.

The first electric car was invented in Cleveland, Ohio in 1899, so there is absolutely no reason electric cars shouldn't be mainstream if it were not for profit-driven oil companies. The internal combustion engine is incredibly inefficient as it turns 80% of the energy it consumes into heat - Never mind emissions, drive train loss, other frictional forces, etc.
№4 Author: Whapp (1 Feb 2013 02:35) Total user comments: 92

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That's a pretty cool idea.
№5 Author: polo (1 Feb 2013 06:18) Total user comments: 173

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Even though that does affect the environment to some extent, it is not the main problem.
№6 Author: mahedi (1 Feb 2013 08:52) Total user comments: 10756

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№7 Author: wasabi (1 Feb 2013 10:12) Total user comments: 1

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Mel Brooks in "Space Ball" could ask copyrights
№8 Author: johnny Reynoso (2 Feb 2013 01:45) Total user comments: 3712

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sfghszfdgb 04
№9 Author: Nisser (2 Feb 2013 01:45) Total user comments: 41

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Looks like Silent Hill...
I was in Peking the summer of 2012, and sure the air was bad!
But not as bad as in the pics above.
№10 Author: WaSs10 (2 Feb 2013 12:21) Total user comments: 2

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and now they are selling us the air we breathe 04
№11 Author: Boomer (3 Feb 2013 20:20) Total user comments: 167

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Most of the US industries that have moved to china. Whom the chinese welcomed with open arms and staffed with ultra cheap labor and little taxes are mostly to blame. The fact that china has 78 million vehicles on the road is also a very significant factor.

Steel mills, chemical plants, etc. Who's emissions were strictly regulated by the EPA are allowed free reign in china. To the chinese govt, profits far outweigh concerns of public health.
№12 Author: Jimmy Johnson (10 Feb 2013 23:47) Total user comments: 5518

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Boomer - But that didn't seem to be a problem when as many as 10,000 Chinese workers were killed building the trans-continental railroad "Americans" have the luxury of using today, nor the coal and the emissions it produced during the USA's development in the 1800 - 1900's.

So perhaps you should pull your hippocritical head out of your ass before condemning anyone that didn't wipe out an entire race of native people for their land.
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