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Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

Pics | 21 Sep, 2009 | Views: 235870 |  +415   |  

1 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

2 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

3 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

4 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

5 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

6 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

7 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

8 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

9 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

10 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

11 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

12 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

13 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

14 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

15 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

16 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

17 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

18 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

19 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

20 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

21 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

22 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

23 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

24 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

25 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

26 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

27 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

28 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

29 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

30 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

31 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

32 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

33 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

34 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

35 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

36 Cat's Walkway (36 pics)

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№1 Author: Kim Dunn (21 Sep 2009 09:34) Total user comments: 0

You need these for your condo Miss Kitty!

№2 Author: unknownj (21 Sep 2009 10:32) Total user comments: 427

Activity rewards:
lol gr8 idea for cat freaks. it will ruin the decoration tho...
№3 Author: unavailable (21 Sep 2009 15:21) Total user comments: 0

That's ridiculous! It looks ugly, and in order to sell your home you'd have to take those all down and patch up a gazillion holes in the wall!
№4 Author: holla (21 Sep 2009 16:52) Total user comments: 0

this is cool.. there are alot of lazy people that arent willing to patch some 1/16 inch holes haha.. kudos though
№5 Author: djc (21 Sep 2009 18:06) Total user comments: 0

Love it! Bahumbug to those naysayers!
№6 Author: PeytlegsCK2005 (21 Sep 2009 18:11) Total user comments: 0

love this haha. I always read that cats like to be in the highest point of a room
№7 Author: sunnyduck (21 Sep 2009 18:36) Total user comments: 0

What I want to know is how many cats do these people have. There are a lot of different cats in these pictures. The concept however is amazing. My mom has a cat that will not walk on the floor unless there are no other options. He would love this...
№8 Author: meow (21 Sep 2009 19:03) Total user comments: 0

nothing says crazy cat lady like mounting carpeted shelves to your walls.
№9 Author: salsapopo (21 Sep 2009 20:16) Total user comments: 12722

Activity rewards:
gr8 idea
№10 Author: Baby-Panda (21 Sep 2009 23:05) Total user comments: 0

№11 Author: cru (22 Sep 2009 00:52) Total user comments: 0

№12 Author: moi (22 Sep 2009 03:45) Total user comments: 0

that's cool, there are more stylish ways to do it for those who are saying it ruins the decor of a house. hgtv had some great ideas. this is still a nice comcept...possibly went a little overboard though ahaha
№13 Author: KrazyKatLady (22 Sep 2009 15:25) Total user comments: 0

And there is something wrong with being a "crazy cat lady"? I'll be putting little carpeted shelves up around my home soon for the 4 sweet furry kids I have. I'm sure that the other humans (2 sons and husband) won't mind a bit!
№14 Author: Mudry (22 Sep 2009 17:20) Total user comments: 0

Cat on the wall - Who needs better decoration than that?
№15 Author: Rob (22 Sep 2009 17:47) Total user comments: 0

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, get out much? May god have mercy on your soul, in the mean time, seek treatment...
№16 Author: brett (22 Sep 2009 20:32) Total user comments: 0

May God have mercy...? What a huge insult. Typical from a small mind to attack that which he does not understand or like.
This is a great idea and makes the cats and people happy. No one has the right to blast that.
№17 Author: Hil (22 Sep 2009 21:26) Total user comments: 0

This is awesome. If I was a cat, this is where I'd be hanging out.
№18 Author: susie420 (22 Sep 2009 22:48) Total user comments: 0

LOVE THIS !!! Not so hard to do either.
№19 Author: Bret (22 Sep 2009 22:49) Total user comments: 0

I am consistently amazed at the animosity shown to cat owners. I recently overcame allergies to cats and now have several. Many of them are as affectionate as my two dogs and I cannot understand why people are so hostile to cats and so judgmental toward cat owners.

I think the cat-walks along the wall are a very neat touch that appear to make the lives of cats very enjoyable. I am considering how to incorporate them at my place too.

As for Rob, and those in his camp, don't you think that we should be more critical of those who judge with no reason? Your negative comments reflect more poorly on you than does a person's affinity for cats.
№20 Author: Smudgereeroo (23 Sep 2009 01:09) Total user comments: 0

Good idea, except my one cat, who is litterally retarded, would undoubtably fall off. And if one's cats shed much (as mine do!) can you imagine what a pain in the a** it would be to vacuum all those little shelves?
№21 Author: noname (23 Sep 2009 01:11) Total user comments: 0

hahahahahahahahha the person that lives there is fkin pathetic. lmao what a joke. those cats probably hate their owner because this person clearly has no friends and cant fit into society so they smother themselves with cats.
№22 Author: CrazyCoolPerson (23 Sep 2009 01:34) Total user comments: 0

Wow! That is such a neat idea, although I wouldn't do it in my house. And to you, noname, your so mean for dissing this person. What a joke! Clearly, you have no friends and cant fit into society so you smother yourself in your comments.

Anyways, cool!
№23 Author: Hater (23 Sep 2009 01:51) Total user comments: 0

This person needs help ...
№24 Author: Nat (23 Sep 2009 03:11) Total user comments: 0

looks like a lot of fun...people renovate their homes and buy furniture for dead things like televisions...cats are more fun to watch than television. And everybody has the right to love whatever they wish, and to express that love in any way they please. As long as I don't have to live with them, you can spoil those little monsters you call children as much as you like. Cats are clean, dignified, and independent, besides. Some children are anything but.
№25 Author: Dazia (23 Sep 2009 06:12) Total user comments: 0

Holy crap, an Oddworld poster! So old! :D

The cat purches are cute too, of course hehe.
№26 Author: Elisabeth (23 Sep 2009 09:41) Total user comments: 0

Slightly Odd...
№27 Author: Marlene (23 Sep 2009 16:02) Total user comments: 0

What a great idea, I know that my 3 kitties would love that if they were locked up inside.. congrats to the owner, who cares about holes in the walls?? when the time comes to sell the house fix 'em. simple.. in the meantime the kitties are very happy.. and humourus!!
№28 Author: Val (23 Sep 2009 16:25) Total user comments: 0

I think this is a great idea. The only thing I don't like is how random they are. Cats don't care what it is as long as it gets them high. What I would do is chose colors that mach my room then but the shelves up in a pattern. I've seen this idea before and I hope one day we get around to doing it. We have two indoor cats and I know they would love it.
№29 Author: Marco (23 Sep 2009 16:53) Total user comments: 0

You must be very lonely...sad.
№30 Author: Cat Lover (23 Sep 2009 17:19) Total user comments: 0

CATS RULE!!!!!! Me and my wife have 3 cats and are thinking about possibly getting a 4th one! Those shelves are a GREAT idea 63 . I would'nt trade my kitties for ANYTHING in the world! 05
№31 Author: Cat Chick whos gonna be a crazy cat lady (23 Sep 2009 18:22) Total user comments: 0

If you think that these people who go to great lengths to do something for their cats, like put up shelves so they can climb, obviously doesn't know the love between a cat and its human. It's just like anything else in life, if you love someone don't you want to do great things for them? But yes, kill yourself if you think this is sad. I really want to do something like this, only in one room though, like a playroom for my cats! I think it would be awesome. I was also watching this program where these people cut cat sized holes all throughout the house and put up shelves that lined each room, so the cats where able to get from room to room via skyline shelf that was like 4 inches from the ceiling, which I thought was THE BEST!
Rock on cat people.
№32 Author: bonnie (23 Sep 2009 20:40) Total user comments: 0

I am a cat and i wish i had these at home... grrreat meow! 04
№33 Author: dhafnscjakcn (24 Sep 2009 01:28) Total user comments: 0

lol! ultimate cat-lady pad!!
№34 Author: Pammiii (24 Sep 2009 08:55) Total user comments: 0

:D thats excellent, i love it. must of taken ages :] well done :]
№35 Author: RAH (24 Sep 2009 21:02) Total user comments: 0

this is pretty awesome... and to those people talking ish... maybe YOU need to get a life. this person obviously has a life, it just includes their pets. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. and what do you consider a life? sitting on the internet making rude comments? the few friends YOU have probably only like you because you can sit around and be pathetic together! this person obviously has creativity!
№36 Author: Tempest (25 Sep 2009 04:35) Total user comments: 0

I would LOVE to do this for my babies. But I wouldn't do it that much, maybe one room where not many visitors would go and just cover it in them. :]
№37 Author: aekafan (25 Sep 2009 04:37) Total user comments: 0

I think its great. If you have the time and desire to do this, why not? dont know if i would do that for my bor cats, but more power to you.
№38 Author: silllykittty (25 Sep 2009 07:11) Total user comments: 0

Cat Chick whos gonna be a crazy cat lady, what was the program you watched called?
№39 Author: NorthBeachnik (25 Sep 2009 07:48) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
This is not the first time someone has done cat walkways. Many years ago, possibly ecades ago a MAN, a CAT MAN (well-adjusted with a family) built ramps all over the house, multi-colored ramps that were connecting (no gaps in between shelves). He designed a special room also for the cats only. It was featured in at least one or two magazines - full-color spreads. It looked as though a modern artist with a good eye for color and a keen understanding of cats had designed the house.

As for you pathetic critics of cat-lovers: there is a well-known theory that people, particularly men who hat cats (and therefore their pes-brained stereotype of "cat ladies") are individuals who hate women? Why do they hate women? Because they are deeply insecure about their masculinity and deeply fear women - (and in the rare case of females who hate cats they have either been attacked and frightened by a cat while young or they dislike being female). Deal with your own anxieties, identity pproblems around gender, or childhood traumas from a cat you probably terified into scratching or biting you. And get over it and grow up into the adult world.
№40 Author: wooo (25 Sep 2009 08:10) Total user comments: 0

i've always wondered what the inside of a crazy person's house looks like.
№41 Author: Lilith (25 Sep 2009 11:17) Total user comments: 0

do you people not realize that some of the pictures are from diffrent houses not the same house????
№42 Author: Alyiana (25 Sep 2009 19:49) Total user comments: 0

My cat will love this, but I wouldn't trust her with it. She's somewhat of a klutz, unlike every-other cat I know.
№43 Author: Paul&Brenda (26 Sep 2009 05:10) Total user comments: 0

What a great idea for "Living Art"! If we ever have cats we'll do the same!!! FANTASTIC~
№44 Author: maria (26 Sep 2009 19:59) Total user comments: 0

omg 56 i would so get those 33 my cats would love those 12 and my mom would probably kill me if i was to put those on our walls 06
№45 Author: Brenda (27 Sep 2009 18:52) Total user comments: 0

Someone who has never been loved by a pet just can't understand so don't try to explain.
№46 Author: Amanda (27 Sep 2009 21:54) Total user comments: 0

This is so cute! I think it's a good idea for shelters, (esp. no kills,) to do something like this. My bf and I are thinking about doing this (not on such a large scale, just a few shelves) for our kitty. He's verrrrry playful and likes to look down at the humans from above too. I am a little concerned about the decoration factor, but if it's executed right I think it would look okay.

And to that guy "may God have mercy on your soul"... Dramatic much? I know where you came from...the "if it feels good, DON'T DO IT" club. Life is to be lived, not restricted. U don't have to sh*t on everyone that's having fun/being different. Clearly, the only place u get out to is church and bingo.
№47 Author: Cute (28 Sep 2009 01:41) Total user comments: 0

This is a very clever idea! :) I like it. Although, it does look a tad-bit tacky. I might pick one room to do it in.. not necessarily the whole house! But very cute kitties.. I"m sure they love it!
№48 Author: nobody (28 Sep 2009 03:38) Total user comments: 0

You wouldn't have to patch those holes up if I moved in; I'd pay more for you to leave the shelves up for my cats!
№49 Author: House (28 Sep 2009 07:35) Total user comments: 0

You're a fuckin idiot if you thought all these photos are from the same person/house

№50 Author: Tizius (29 Sep 2009 10:06) Total user comments: 0

Do want! =*-*=
№51 Author: dude (29 Sep 2009 15:46) Total user comments: 0

umm yeah..its neat and all, but cats, like children, need boundaries. I do not allow my cats on tables where I eat/serve/make food. Its just unsanitary. One or two of these would actually be cool, but I think this person WAY over did it.
On a side note.. I am cat lover, but there comes a point where you can have too many cats. Cats need room to run and play and have their own space. Ask any cat specialist and they will tell you that this person needs to find good homes for a lot of these cats. How would you like to live in a house with 20 other people and use the same crapper as them and the same food dishes. This situation is a bit inhumane and can you imagine the smell in that house? nasty!
№52 Author: Acidal (30 Sep 2009 02:26) Total user comments: 0

0 weá la raja!!!
Pensaré seriamente si copiar la idea o no. Ja!

Kool ;)
№53 Author: Midge (30 Sep 2009 03:48) Total user comments: 0

THATS SO COOL! 22 My mom would go crazy if i did that to my room. 09 How long did it take you to put it up there? who did it, or did you do it? I am also a crazy lady for CATS! 12 52
№54 Author: Lolly (30 Sep 2009 07:01) Total user comments: 0

This is fantastic! My three cats would LOVE this, though like it's been said before, it would need to be incorporated into the house and decorations. For now we'll stick with the cat scratch tree but maybe one day a few high up perches might be okay. 05
№55 Author: george (30 Sep 2009 20:07) Total user comments: 0

u need a life
№56 Author: Mary Attebury (30 Sep 2009 23:55) Total user comments: 0

I love it, it's a great way to make your cat happy.
№57 Author: Bob (3 Oct 2009 21:38) Total user comments: 0

As an animal lover in general,these felines stole the show while having a blast doing it.kinda sets the human imagination into high gear!!!
№58 Author: mudassargold (4 Oct 2009 15:26) Total user comments: 1951

Activity rewards:
What a unique idea
№59 Author: liz (4 Oct 2009 19:48) Total user comments: 0

ya'll are being too judgemental, if you dont wanna do it thats all you gotta say dont be callin her crazy damn 16
№60 Author: snoozer (6 Oct 2009 21:24) Total user comments: 0

People have odd hobbies! I would do this in one room of my house, but not all since I only have 2 cats. These people are obviously bigger cat lovers than I am. If you don't like it, just say you don't like it, don't diagnose the mental state of the builders. Seeing some pics on the internet doesn't make you a shrink - or someone in a position to save their souls. LOL This would be terrific for someone who wasn't at home much. It would give the cats something to do while the owner was out HAVING A LIFE. DUH
№61 Author: V (19 Nov 2009 03:30) Total user comments: 0

Bwah! Cat attack from above! =)))
№62 Author: Erin (14 Mar 2010 21:47) Total user comments: 0

I wonder if something like that would hold my 15 pound Maine Coon. It looks pretty cool, for a crazy animal girl like myself ;) And if you thought these photos were all from the same house.. Wow.

Would def. provide some fun to my cat while nobody's home, and would even let him chill away from the dog for awhile. Neat idea.. too bad my parents would totally reject it, lol.
№63 Author: draka (26 Mar 2010 18:15) Total user comments: 0

zomg the carpet perfect shelves love it <3
№64 Author: DARREN (7 Apr 2010 18:42) Total user comments: 0

Well that's one way to keep the hairy little fuckers off the floor I guess
№65 Author: fluorescentG (25 Sep 2010 04:13) Total user comments: 3958

Activity rewards:
who the hell are all these ppl posting and where did they come from? i can't remember wtf i was gonna say now. 50 comments. holy shit
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