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iPhone 5 Can Bent (8 pics)

Pics | 30 Dec, 2012 | Views: 28485 |  +11   |  

I am an iPhone 5 owner and I think it's a great phone. But there are several things that make it not so great. For example, if you keep your phone in back pocket of your pants, it can bent. It happens because iPhone 5 is made of aluminium and it is a flexible metal. Here are some examples.

1 iPhone 5 Can Bent (8 pics)

2 iPhone 5 Can Bent (8 pics)

3 iPhone 5 Can Bent (8 pics)

4 iPhone 5 Can Bent (8 pics)

5 iPhone 5 Can Bent (8 pics)

6 iPhone 5 Can Bent (8 pics)

7 iPhone 5 Can Bent (8 pics)

8 iPhone 5 Can Bent (8 pics)

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№1 Author: Wakka Wakka (31 Dec 2012 01:01) Total user comments: 0

Such an amazing phone....barf
№2 Author: Deathunter (31 Dec 2012 01:32) Total user comments: 91

Activity rewards:
Aluminum can be bent alright, but how exactly didn't the screen crack?! as from what I know the screen is made from glass not plastic, and glass can't be bent. One last thing, why would anyone puts his iPhone on his back pocket?! 13
№3 Author: Jimmy Johnson (31 Dec 2012 01:47) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
No, the screen is not made from glass. The screen is made of acrylic, which is a type of hard plastic such as you see used in aquariums. It is engineered to provide a certain degree of flexibility before cracking.

If your precious iPhone can be bent in your pocket, then it only continues to confirm my position that Apple products are made for posers.

I put my HTC phone in my back pocket all the time with no issues after 3 years.

Apple didn't figure this would happen in any of their product testing? Apple presumed everyone purchasing their crap would live in a bubble, apparently.
№4 Author: Klujberto (31 Dec 2012 03:10) Total user comments: 23

Activity rewards:
I never ever put my phone in my back pocket. Anyway iphone is a sh
№5 Author: oxyjane (31 Dec 2012 03:19) Total user comments: 459

Activity rewards:
and why on pocket, huh?
№6 Author: Nguyenazn (31 Dec 2012 03:34) Total user comments: 1136

Activity rewards:
iPhone huh ! Now you all can see that you paid alots for actually nothing ! I dropped, sat, and crushed my Nokia N8 lots of time and my baby is still working 100% !
№7 Author: Jimmy Johnson (31 Dec 2012 03:45) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
And why on pocket?

I can hang my phone off my nipple ring, but it tends to ruin the symmetry of my Armani jackets due to the pendulum action.
№8 Author: _HIM_ (31 Dec 2012 03:56) Total user comments: 266

Activity rewards:
yehi, thats the new iphone 6! apple will launch it for 2000usd 06
№9 Author: shanevwf (31 Dec 2012 04:15) Total user comments: 3

Activity rewards:
The answers quite simple.......Don't keep putting it in your back pocket
№10 Author: adzhoe (31 Dec 2012 05:01) Total user comments: 14614

Activity rewards:
Oohhh, flexi-phone. Pure genius....
№11 Author: Maddogz (31 Dec 2012 10:58) Total user comments: 403

Activity rewards:
In regards to Jimmy's product testing: I just finished reading the Steve Jobs biography. According to the book there was never really much of a product testing division. The designers would usually force their style/vision onto the engineers even when the engineers would have doubts about the overall concept. A great example of this was the loss of reception in the iPhone 4 when they chose to use an aluminium casing.
№12 Author: Blips (31 Dec 2012 11:17) Total user comments: 0

"ooooh don't put your phone in your back pocket", F*ck off. As Jimmy said, I put my HTC in my back pocket all the time, I even sit down with the damn thing still in my problems AT all.
№13 Author: Wes (31 Dec 2012 11:28) Total user comments: 438

Activity rewards:

where did you hear that glass can't be bent? it depends on how glass is made.

i'm not sure it is acrylic because iphone's screen is very tough.


you actually used actual time of your actual life actually reading the steve jobs biography?

I wish I could know what other books you read 07
№14 Author: trob6975 (31 Dec 2012 16:44) Total user comments: 104

Activity rewards:
me fail English...that's un-possible
№15 Author: peet (31 Dec 2012 18:22) Total user comments: 21

Activity rewards:
I think, that problem isn't iPhone in this case.
№16 Author: Grunt Callahan (31 Dec 2012 23:12) Total user comments: 2002

Activity rewards:
Just bend the damn thing back and move on.
№17 Author: Hypertension (2 Jan 2013 09:42) Total user comments: 1029

Activity rewards:
someday ... maybe soon ... they'll made them wrinkle.
№18 Author: mashie5 (2 Jan 2013 14:04) Total user comments: 1357

Activity rewards:
why all the iphone hate. im sure it cant be that bad of a phone if its that popular. popularity isnt purely based on the "cool" factor. it wouldnt have survived 6 years and counting if it wasnt at least a decent phone.

this is coming from someone who doesnt own a smart phone. so im not taking sides. the whole iOS vs Android is stupid anyway.

...and now im contributing to this nonsense. shit.... how did that happen.
i hate my self
№19 Author: Jinxaruny (2 Jan 2013 19:12) Total user comments: 10324

Activity rewards:
iPhones suck!! 14
№20 Author: madsern (3 Jan 2013 18:48) Total user comments: 707

Activity rewards:
№21 Author: Wulfruna (3 Jan 2013 19:53) Total user comments: 141

Activity rewards:
I'd be annoyed if I had a nice phone and it bented in my pocket.
№22 Author: zorak (3 Jan 2013 21:53) Total user comments: 276

Activity rewards:
I don't know why the people hate or love iPhone.. if is like any cell phone touch..
№23 Author: aewm (6 Jan 2013 11:56) Total user comments: 109

Activity rewards:
id be a little annoyed if Id spent a hell load of money on a phone then it couldn't withstand everyday life.
№24 Author: ItHitTheFan (6 Jan 2013 14:19) Total user comments: 0

Material thickness at the volume adjustment buttons is much too deficient for soft aluminium. In 4/4S it was ok because material was much stronger. I'd claim it as a design flaw.
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