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Self-Cleaning Aquaponic Aquarium (6 pics)

Pics | 21 Dec, 2012 | Views: 7995 |  +7   |  

1 Self-Cleaning Aquaponic Aquarium (6 pics)

2 Self-Cleaning Aquaponic Aquarium (6 pics)

3 Self-Cleaning Aquaponic Aquarium (6 pics)

4 Self-Cleaning Aquaponic Aquarium (6 pics)

5 Self-Cleaning Aquaponic Aquarium (6 pics)

6 Self-Cleaning Aquaponic Aquarium (6 pics)


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№1 Author: percytard (21 Dec 2012 03:46) Total user comments: 110

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how does this work?
№2 Author: adzhoe (21 Dec 2012 07:39) Total user comments: 14614

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make a statement, shopw a few pictures, really a/c that simple?how much of this story are we seeing? ten percent? Why post this? Thumbs down for next to no information.
№3 Author: chiefu2 (21 Dec 2012 08:01) Total user comments: 62

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this is so amazing. the passion of the aquarium guru who designed this is evident.
№4 Author: Zdzieli (21 Dec 2012 11:05) Total user comments: 0

Please keep in mind that round fish bowls are regarded unsuitable for fish and it would be better not to encourage people to repeat what is presented on those pictures.
№5 Author: anakin fartwalker (21 Dec 2012 17:24) Total user comments: 368

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№6 Author: Flin (21 Dec 2012 18:07) Total user comments: 66

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On youtube you have reports about their functioning. The idea came from hydroponics.

Very interesting, I recommend it.
№7 Author: Lu (21 Dec 2012 19:53) Total user comments: 14793

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A few weed plants on top would keep the fish and the owner happy. 44
№8 Author: Captain Anus (22 Dec 2012 03:22) Total user comments: 309

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goldfish is boring!
№9 Author: ClabbeSwe (22 Dec 2012 04:44) Total user comments: 182

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adzhoe, The fish eats fish food, the fish does it's buisness, the buisness from the fish turns to nitrate, the nitrate is somewhat of an artificial fertilizer for plants, the water in the fish tank turns mist which is also picked up by the plant hence the plant will grow, the water in the fish tank will be cleaner and not toxic to the fish.
This is actually a very stupid way of cleaning the fish tank because waterplants will do the same job, only better, faster and will make the tank look better with some green in it. 01 EDIT: If you have plants in your tank they will produce oxygen for the fish as well which will decrease your electric bill and noise ratio in your home as well.
Zdzieli This is totally harmless to the goldfish. The goldfish has a short-term memory of 0,4 secs so it will never realize how small the tank actually is. 07 There are a couple of more fish you can have in a small tank as well, but they are very rare to find.
№10 Author: joffenbaker (23 Dec 2012 03:35) Total user comments: 4944

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ClabbeSwe : Did you have an encyclopedia for breakfast? 07
№11 Author: mahedi (23 Dec 2012 14:11) Total user comments: 10756

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№12 Author: Tomaz86 (23 Nov 2014 01:33) Total user comments: 6862

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