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If You Are Going to Create... (comics)

Pics | 20 Dec, 2012 | Views: 9908 |  +19   |  

So true.

1 If You Are Going to Create... (comics)


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№1 Author: bowlervtec (20 Dec 2012 02:19) Total user comments: 1354

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i dont get it......
№2 Author: robn1 (20 Dec 2012 03:52) Total user comments: 767

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If a person is creative, they will create in whatever situation they are in. They do not have to be in an ideal situation. 01 01 01
№3 Author: spring87 (20 Dec 2012 04:27) Total user comments: 600

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Ah! now I get it, thanks @robn1.
№4 Author: Grunt Callahan (20 Dec 2012 04:48) Total user comments: 2007

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Still doesn't make any damn sense.
№5 Author: ASDF (20 Dec 2012 05:38) Total user comments: 0

I think the point of this is that you can only create (create stories that is) if you have experience. The guy who is creating the workshop thinks he can create because he is in an environment where he thinks he should be able to create. In reality, he doesn't have any experiences to share/create with the world. The people who really do create are people who know of life's hardships, for they have actually experienced them themselves.

Mac sucks btw.
№6 Author: Jinxaruny (20 Dec 2012 10:27) Total user comments: 10324

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That is so true!
№7 Author: Jimmy Johnson (20 Dec 2012 10:46) Total user comments: 5518

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Maybe he's doing beer art. You gotta sample the product a few times to get a feel for it.
№8 Author: Hypertension (20 Dec 2012 11:55) Total user comments: 1037

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in my opinion it's a desperate way to be able to enjoy life.
LOVE is an absolute purpose of life my friends, whoever you are, LOVE.

29 less LOVE, lots of hate that brought troubles in life
29 29 29 more LOVE, little bit hate you can easily ignore in life
№9 Author: mahedi (20 Dec 2012 12:56) Total user comments: 10756

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Hummm, let me think 17
№10 Author: anakin fartwalker (20 Dec 2012 15:28) Total user comments: 368

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so true!
№11 Author: Lu (20 Dec 2012 19:14) Total user comments: 14797

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How many creative coal miners do you know?
And that goes for all the other examples.
What are the odds? a Billion to one?
№12 Author: johnny Reynoso (21 Dec 2012 00:49) Total user comments: 3712

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04 sdfb
№13 Author: Nguyenazn (22 Dec 2012 09:11) Total user comments: 1136

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ppl in us really like canon huh !
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