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Pedestrian Circle Bridge in China (6 pics)

Pics | 4 Dec, 2012 | Views: 4041 |  +24   |  

1 Pedestrian Circle Bridge in China (6 pics)

2 Pedestrian Circle Bridge in China (6 pics)

3 Pedestrian Circle Bridge in China (6 pics)

4 Pedestrian Circle Bridge in China (6 pics)

5 Pedestrian Circle Bridge in China (6 pics)

6 Pedestrian Circle Bridge in China (6 pics)

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№1 Author: NeMa (4 Dec 2012 03:18) Total user comments: 669

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very clever and looks nice!!!!
№2 Author: robn1 (4 Dec 2012 04:04) Total user comments: 767

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What you do not notice is the sky. That is not clouds you are seeing, it is smog. You can not breath in Chinas' big citys because of it. Almost all of their power comes from dirty coal. 02
№3 Author: Jimmy Johnson (4 Dec 2012 04:29) Total user comments: 5518

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All industrialized nations have used, and/or continue to use, coal in it's development. People see China using coal for energy and their first reaction is to knock it.

The fact that China has chosen not to use nuclear energy, thereby leaving behind hundreds, if not thousands, of tons of radioactive waste for future generations is lost on the knee-jerk peanut gallery.
№4 Author: shiznit1987 (4 Dec 2012 09:01) Total user comments: 0

totally agree with robn1. That is why the population of China's big city's is Zero because people cant breath in them, so they either move elsewhere or die from suffication.
№5 Author: quackers (4 Dec 2012 11:56) Total user comments: 4827

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Do you have to Give way to the right,.,.
№6 Author: Gi-Joe (4 Dec 2012 17:29) Total user comments: 960

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Its a shame the two circles aren't centered.
№7 Author: Lu (4 Dec 2012 21:18) Total user comments: 14793

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Looks like a good idea.
№8 Author: johnny Reynoso (5 Dec 2012 01:27) Total user comments: 3712

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15 mucha gente hahahaha
№9 Author: choochwhocharlie (5 Dec 2012 02:39) Total user comments: 1752

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Everyone thinks that people over there are working in the rice patties. Google any major city in Chinaand you'll be surprised at how modern they are. The cities, roads, and bridges in the U.S. are crumbling. Is it just me or are we losing the battle?
73 74
№10 Author: YeahRight (9 Dec 2012 16:45) Total user comments: 1632

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just like real life...round and round in circles and no where to go... 61 61 61
№11 Author: Tomaz86 (1 Sep 2014 03:00) Total user comments: 6763

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Amazing bridge.
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