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House in the Middle of a Motorway (8 pics)

Pics | 23 Nov, 2012 | Views: 14372 |  +36   |  

One Chinese couple has refused to sell their house because they thought that the government's relocation compensation was not enough. Now the building stands in the middle of the road and the car drivers have to drive around it.

1 House in the Middle of a Motorway (8 pics)

2 House in the Middle of a Motorway (8 pics)

3 House in the Middle of a Motorway (8 pics)

4 House in the Middle of a Motorway (8 pics)

5 House in the Middle of a Motorway (8 pics)

6 House in the Middle of a Motorway (8 pics)

7 House in the Middle of a Motorway (8 pics)

8 House in the Middle of a Motorway (8 pics)

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№1 Author: kryptor (23 Nov 2012 03:19) Total user comments: 3181

Activity rewards:
If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it ... it's that stupid.

EDIT: Hey, if you want to know more about this, I found this article and it
tells more of the story .... enjoy.
№2 Author: Tribs (23 Nov 2012 03:27) Total user comments: 97

Activity rewards:
Future Mcdonalds drive thru, or not.
№3 Author: spring87 (23 Nov 2012 03:36) Total user comments: 600

Activity rewards:
Fuck, no barriers or warnings? 17
№4 Author: 1234 (23 Nov 2012 04:32) Total user comments: 1847

Activity rewards:
07 only in china .........come to think of it take way would make them super rich if that road leads to and from busy place
№5 Author: Captain Anus (23 Nov 2012 04:49) Total user comments: 309

Activity rewards:
and Mr. Miagi said: f@ck that motorway i ain`t gonna sell my house for f@ckall!
№6 Author: Hypertension (23 Nov 2012 05:14) Total user comments: 1029

Activity rewards:
Well sir, screw your government, they don't give a shit even for the elderly people.
With all my sympathy.
№7 Author: evililpeach (23 Nov 2012 07:15) Total user comments: 69

Activity rewards:
Surprised they were allowed to keep it, you know b/c of the whole communism government.
№8 Author: Marul Kaza KL (23 Nov 2012 08:04) Total user comments: 16

Activity rewards:
at least the chinese government didn't demolish the house by force..if in the US, i bet the owner being detained and the house abolish without owner's permission
№9 Author: mahedi (23 Nov 2012 09:19) Total user comments: 10754

Activity rewards:
Stupid old Chinese 55
№10 Author: adzhoe (23 Nov 2012 09:28) Total user comments: 14614

Activity rewards:
Marul Kaza KL.... In the U.S. that would not happen. perhaps where you hail from? I am suprised the Communist Chinese allowed that to stay, there must be an ulterior motive. Look at all the land they took for their humungous hydro-electric project. nothing stood in the way of that project.
№11 Author: quackers (23 Nov 2012 11:17) Total user comments: 4827

Activity rewards:
Take the Money they will get their way in the end,.,.,
№12 Author: Jimmy Johnson (23 Nov 2012 18:53) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
adzhoe - Your government can take your land any time they want for fair market value. Obviously, you wouldn't be "detained", but you would be out on the street. It's called expropriation. Look it up.

You don't seriously think China didn't need the Three Gorges Dam? Some of the greatest natural disasters in the history of mankind have been due to flooding of the Yangtze river. People knock China on it's pollution as a coal-based society, and this dam has allowed China to fulfill 10% of her electrical needs using clean energy. There is such a thing as sacrificing for the greater good: where your individual rights are not as important as the rights of the many.

There's a dry cleaning business in my town that refused to take the city buyout for a road widening project...

After 2 years of legal proceedings, the city went ahead and did the rest of the road widening and then finally, expropriating the parking stalls in front of this business and paved a parking lot for them at the side.

I hope the inconvenience of hundreds of thousands of people made up for their horseshit... And the thing is - I drive by that dry cleaning business all the time and that parking lot is empty. So I guess the people have spoken in a "democratic" society.
№13 Author: Shadoglare (23 Nov 2012 21:09) Total user comments: 479

Activity rewards:
Jeeze, just how little did the government offer for the guy to turn it down, considering what a sh*thole that building seems to be?
№14 Author: Lu (23 Nov 2012 21:38) Total user comments: 14793

Activity rewards:
Now that is one helloffa bug in the ointment! Unbelievable.
№15 Author: adzhoe (24 Nov 2012 09:25) Total user comments: 14614

Activity rewards:
Jimmy,of course you are correct, we call that " eminent domain law" in the states. Anything can be taken for the greater good in due time and court proceedings.Thank you for responding, I enjoyed reading what you had to say. Seen the same thing where i live, they closed down a popular corner lot open air fruit stand, the city used eminent domain, forced the sale for a project, that lot is still fenced and vacant, six years later.
№16 Author: DasSyko (24 Nov 2012 12:07) Total user comments: 65

Activity rewards:
Id do the same
№17 Author: yamaz (24 Nov 2012 13:11) Total user comments: 570

Activity rewards:
Fucking animals.
№18 Author: Jinxaruny (25 Nov 2012 20:34) Total user comments: 10324

Activity rewards:
Ok then...
№19 Author: DareM (25 Nov 2012 20:40) Total user comments: 0

Lol in in my country 07 someone else wouldve sold the house twice to the government!
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