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Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)

Pics | 9 Nov, 2012 | Views: 11821 |  +14   |  

1 Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)

2 Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)

3 Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)

4 Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)

5 Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)

6 Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)

7 Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)

8 Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)

9 Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)

10 Kitchen Hacks From Pro Chefs (10 pics)


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№1 Author: Jimmy Johnson (9 Nov 2012 05:54) Total user comments: 5518

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11. Add a splash of vinegar to water when you boil eggs and they won't crack.
12. Use won ton wrappers for quick and easy ravioli or dumplings.
13. Save your used lemons for cleaning copper pots. Add a touch of salt for grit.
14. You can extend dish washing liquid, shampoos, etc. with water. Add it when the bottle is near full, not when it's almost empty, so you don't lose any soap strength.
15. Save your chicken/turkey carcasses. Add them and strain out when you make soups or stock for an extra depth of flavor. You'll get even more flavor by roasting the carcass.
16. You can peel an entire head of garlic easily by smashing it and then shaking it in a tupperware container.
17. You can re-crisp loose lettuce for salads by putting it in the freezer for 10 minutes.
18. Use double fine steel wool to clean carbon residue off polished stainless steel pots, burner rings, chrome, etc. easily without scratching it.
19. Control splash when simmering spaghetti sauce, thickening gravy, or reductions by placing a pair of chopsticks across the top of the pot and then the lid.
20 If mashed potatoes are a bit runny - A quick fix is to spread it thinly across a number of baker's sheets and blast it in the oven at 450 degrees for 5 - 10 minutes. Just be sure not to burn it.
21. For the easiest 5 lb roast chicken - Spread a stick of garlic butter over and under the skin, salt and black pepper over the bird, roast for 1 hr in a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees. For more pay-off vs clean-up, place the thawed bird on a bed of wedged potatoes, carrots, and thick-sliced onions for a simple one pot dish. Left-overs can be sandwiches or protein filler. Save the carcass for soups.
№2 Author: adzhoe (9 Nov 2012 06:02) Total user comments: 14614

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nice tips, yours too JJ
№3 Author: miscellaneous (9 Nov 2012 07:10) Total user comments: 4179

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I use aluminum foil for everything ... not IN the recipes but in the production
of them.

just place a piece of aluminum foil lightly on the bottom rack of my oven, shiny side up, whenever I bake something that I know has the potential to drip or otherwise make a mess in my oven. I find that the shiny surface sometimes helps to cook foods faster, too, so keep that in mind.

use aluminum foil to cover the burner drip pans on your stove. I hate spending literal hours trying to clean burner pans. This saves me tons of work hours. It just takes about five minutes to use aluminum foil to cover the drip pans. Then when they start looking gnarly, I simply replace the aluminum foil.

If I can't find the lid to a pot or pan, I make a quick homemade lid out of aluminum foil. Works great, and I can adjust it to be either loose or tight fitting. I also use this when I lose a lid or need a lid for anything else- paint cans, leftovers, etc.

Cooking a chicken in the slow cooker? Add a few 'aluminum foil balls' wadded up a bit larger than golf balls to the bottom. This will keep the chicken from soaking in grease. Amazingly, the result is tender, moist chicken very similar to rotisserie chicken.

f you're baking bread or a cake that you fear may stick or be difficult to remove from the pan, add a layer of foil to the pan first. Use this to help lift the food out of the pan easily with no sticking.Just be sure to smooth the foil out as much as possible.
№4 Author: Louie (9 Nov 2012 08:16) Total user comments: 8183

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№5 Author: Grunt Callahan (9 Nov 2012 10:25) Total user comments: 2003

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Boiling water is a chore for me.
№6 Author: mashie5 (9 Nov 2012 12:45) Total user comments: 1357

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oddly enough, use a pepper grinder for stronger weed flavor
№7 Author: thughugger (9 Nov 2012 15:11) Total user comments: 1013

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Nice 44
№8 Author: dude (9 Nov 2012 20:56) Total user comments: 0

aluminium foil... what waste of energy :(
№9 Author: johnny Reynoso (10 Nov 2012 16:57) Total user comments: 3712

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12 yeahhh
№10 Author: Jinxaruny (10 Nov 2012 21:28) Total user comments: 10324

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№11 Author: pash.maloo (12 Nov 2012 02:12) Total user comments: 1713

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15 misc
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