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What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics)

Pics | 30 Aug, 2012 | Views: 16773 |  +85   |  

It doesn't matter who invented it first, the only thing that matters who has the patent.

1 What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics)

2 What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics)

3 What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics)

4 What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics)

5 What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics)

6 What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics)

7 What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics)

8 What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics)

9 What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics)

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№1 Author: miscellaneous (30 Aug 2012 01:52) Total user comments: 4179

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not surprised
№2 Author: Kendaleros (30 Aug 2012 01:57) Total user comments: 366

Activity rewards:
Apple se esta convirtiendo cada dia en mas pirata!! 67
№3 Author: Jimmy Johnson (30 Aug 2012 02:34) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
Yeah, but Apple iphones have all those cool gela-skins with wallpaper patterns and silicone balls.
№4 Author: plaidpancake (30 Aug 2012 03:36) Total user comments: 2466

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when i saw that i lost respect for steve jobs
№5 Author: fairmania (30 Aug 2012 04:20) Total user comments: 1411

Activity rewards:
Sadly as ever, it is the big boys throwing their weight about, and each seems to have more to gain from it going their way.

Most of these companies steal ideas from someone, or buy the originator and so the idea, then close the smaller company laying everyone off.

Most smaller companies can't challenge the big boys because they don't have the resources for a prolonged fight, which is what they'll get, for that exact reason.

Even of they won, they'd be out of business before the verdict.
№6 Author: oxyjane (30 Aug 2012 06:46) Total user comments: 459

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№7 Author: five88 (30 Aug 2012 10:25) Total user comments: 9

Activity rewards:
Tablet as well are a microsoft's Idea. And TabletPC is a Microsoft's trade mark
№8 Author: deepacidcow (30 Aug 2012 10:52) Total user comments: 1283

Activity rewards:
01 The FACT is..."Everybody who don't own Apple criticize Apple products either they don't know it or they can't afford it..But everybody likes or dream to have one!!" Once you start using apple products all the other seems like piece of yellowish!!! 07 Go to today's "Acid picdump" and take a closer look at the picture #3 09
№9 Author: mashie5 (30 Aug 2012 11:53) Total user comments: 1357

Activity rewards:
sounds like someone is a little butt hurt.

at least when apple does it they mak it work right.

how may times have you heard...
"cant wait to get my hands on that new samsung f700"
"man, Nuance is awesome"

answer: never

and yes, this is all about patent wars.
№10 Author: trob6975 (30 Aug 2012 12:45) Total user comments: 104

Activity rewards:
$1 billion is a small price to pay to become the largest smart phone provider in the world. Figuring Samsung had a PROFIT of over a $3 billion last year alone, A one time payment of 1 billion isn't that bad of a price to pay relatively speaking. They would of spent way more on research and development of their own products...
@ deepacidcow...I understand that people have their loyalties to Apple but I don't get why someone would argue that Apple's products are better because they cost more and because someone like yourself fantasizes about Apple in their dreams 29 ...For that reason Apple users are tagged forever as being smug, and pretentious.
№11 Author: mahedi (30 Aug 2012 14:29) Total user comments: 10756

Activity rewards:
Oh no, my heart breaks 13
№12 Author: goldenme (30 Aug 2012 19:19) Total user comments: 62

Activity rewards:
apple had bite ...
№13 Author: OldOllie (30 Aug 2012 20:17) Total user comments: 619

Activity rewards:
If you can't hire the best engineers, hire the best lawyers.
№14 Author: Jinxaruny (30 Aug 2012 20:28) Total user comments: 10324

Activity rewards:
№15 Author: funkotronic (30 Aug 2012 23:40) Total user comments: 362

Activity rewards:
Too fucking bad. I's about who takes it to the bank, get the most mindshare and changes an entire industry. Apple wins. Don't like it? Enjoy your second-rate shit.
№16 Author: _HIM_ (31 Aug 2012 00:36) Total user comments: 266

Activity rewards:
Apple = stuff for kids who wants to look cool
№17 Author: micliapu (31 Aug 2012 01:57) Total user comments: 2974

Activity rewards:
06 06 y
№18 Author: capt.huffnpuff (31 Aug 2012 02:03) Total user comments: 2735

Activity rewards:
Jobs was an amoral snob. He's the kind of guy that takes up two handicap spaces with his Mercedes, but he was not handicapped - no compassion for those that need them. He never invented anything - he just exploited the ideas of others, Wozniak being the first. He "turned" Apple around by firing 20,00 people I like apple computers and OS because they do work better than others. But Job sucked. 17
№19 Author: Hypertension (31 Aug 2012 05:19) Total user comments: 1037

Activity rewards:
"Most smaller companies can't challenge the big boys because they don't have the resources for a prolonged fight.."

@fairmania, well said sir, well said.
№20 Author: johnny Reynoso (31 Aug 2012 22:08) Total user comments: 3712

Activity rewards:
№21 Author: buset46 (1 Sep 2012 17:35) Total user comments: 431

Activity rewards:

i owned an iphone before, and let me tell you, APPLE SUCKS!

show me something your beloved iphone can do that ANDROID phones can't.

well?? nada! zip! ZERO!

now ask yourself this, what can ANDROID phones do that iphones can't.

Answer? ALOT! 07
№22 Author: Fatamorgana (2 Sep 2012 02:37) Total user comments: 33

Activity rewards:
Android phone could not make a copy of how bad is iTune software interface work. Everybody who own iPhone before, now own Android phone, but everybody who own iPhone now they never had Android phone, you are the child left behind still using iPhone, With Android phone you could make it plain simple and it work, make it complicated customize and it work or just make it the way you want it and it work.
№23 Author: mashie5 (4 Sep 2012 12:36) Total user comments: 1357

Activity rewards:
you look stupid saying blanket statements like that.
a friend of mine has owned at least two android phones. he got sick of it, not sure why. switched to the iphone, had it for a few months now and hes been loving it more than his android. and hes not an apple head, owns a windows machine... his iphone is his first and only apple product. he likes that everything works.
apples downside is also their upside. its all closed but it all works, third party software can breaks products.

how about this.... is not for everyone, thats why there is variety. aruging about brands is dumb. who cares what i like is different than what you like.
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