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Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

Pics | 16 Jul, 2009 | Views: 326493 |  +53   |  

Let me introduce Kim Petras - 16-year-old pop star from Germany.
She became famous in Internet after posting videos of herself singing on MySpace and YouTube.
Nice girl, isn’t she? You’ll be surprised, but this is no ordinary girl.
Kim Petras was actually born Tim Petras, but all his life he had a dream to become a woman.
And after Tim turned 16, he had a sex change operation. Now Kim Petras is the youngest person in the world ever to have such a surgery.

1 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

2 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

3 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

4 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

5 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

6 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

7 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

8 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

9 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

10 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

11 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

12 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

13 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

14 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

15 Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

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№1 Author: just_me (16 Jul 2009 03:13) Total user comments: 144

Activity rewards:
I would never say it WAS a boy..
№2 Author: Forrest (16 Jul 2009 20:44) Total user comments: 0

No way she looks nothing like a boy because usually after that kind of surgery there would still be ways to see male attributes
№3 Author: RainbowBitch (16 Jul 2009 22:38) Total user comments: 474

Activity rewards:
pretty <3
№4 Author: Ty Webb (17 Jul 2009 00:29) Total user comments: 6156

Activity rewards:
injected harmones at that age will enhance female attrubutes and minimize the male ones.

she/he is very pretty
I heard she is a lesbian thoujgh
№5 Author: Jessica (17 Jul 2009 02:51) Total user comments: 5

Activity rewards:
02omg.that does NOT look like no guy.shes very GoRgEoUs <33
№6 Author: samer (17 Jul 2009 22:31) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
are you sure he was a boy ?????
i can not belive it
№7 Author: ash666 (18 Jul 2009 07:28) Total user comments: 1856

Activity rewards:
she is very beautiful
№8 Author: Cum (18 Jul 2009 14:04) Total user comments: 0

FAIL and that's sad.
№9 Author: hhh (18 Jul 2009 16:26) Total user comments: 0

I'd hit that
№10 Author: blogote (18 Jul 2009 21:17) Total user comments: 0

And now he can't marry a GIRL? Coz he can be a lesbian and he can't marry a boy as he will be a GAY 53

№11 Author: That Guy (20 Jul 2009 09:19) Total user comments: 0

Un moved...does that make me gay?..
№12 Author: ANTI (23 Jul 2009 07:04) Total user comments: 0

youz guys are gay
№13 Author: Hannah (27 Jul 2009 20:44) Total user comments: 0

№14 Author: The Insimonator (28 Jul 2009 03:03) Total user comments: 0

OK... Is it gay that Id hit that, even though I know its a dude? I mean, you wouldnt tell your mates it was a bloke. Unless of course one of your mates was a dude that was born female and was into a kind of trans-gender love circle. Of course then Id have to dress like a lady aswell to fit in but hey that half the fun right? Or is that too gay?
Either way.. Nice work Kim Petras, I like what you've done. Seven thumbs up!
№15 Author: mudassargold (2 Aug 2009 16:53) Total user comments: 1951

Activity rewards:
№16 Author: Elriksmommy (6 Aug 2009 06:22) Total user comments: 19

Activity rewards:
good for you Kim...u look amazing!
№17 Author: Nonya (23 Aug 2009 03:22) Total user comments: 0

Her parents are out of their minds. And this poor kid, if ever she regrets this decision, is going to regret it hard. Too weird, and too young for it. The fact that she was once a boy is going to confuse any normal person away from her.
№18 Author: josh (31 Aug 2009 22:08) Total user comments: 0

sexy, id hit it
№19 Author: Succubus94 (7 Sep 2009 20:03) Total user comments: 2

Activity rewards:
LoL im german, but i never heard of her/him/it | but if she/he/it really were a guy before she really looks like a girl
№20 Author: jimmy (15 Sep 2009 14:52) Total user comments: 0

She is very pretty, I am not gay and I am only attracted to girls !

I would definitely with out hesitation Hit that all night long!!!!!!!!!
№21 Author: wes (16 Sep 2009 04:04) Total user comments: 0

If it looks and sounds and tastes like a duck, its a duck. Shes a girl now and she is beautiful. I would totally date her, if she was 18
№22 Author: Ally (16 Sep 2009 05:33) Total user comments: 0

She is beautiful and so confident!
№23 Author: NicholasJ (16 Sep 2009 18:20) Total user comments: 0

I'm an American, so I've never heard of her. She looks pretty though. You'd have to be crazy to pass that up.
№24 Author: wseroyer (17 Sep 2009 04:27) Total user comments: 0

Best sex change I've ever seen I would have no Idea if I saw her/him walking down the street. what about the hole problem of have a penis, is that gone to? the other thing is what the fuck is wrong with people these days, this is not fucked up to anyone here no one thinks this is strange. It'a one thing to be gay it another, to be 14 and say I want to be a girl. what a treble idea at that ages. you have so many feeling, and really don't understand who you are or what you like or want, alot changes when you hormones stop raging.
№25 Author: Beezer (17 Sep 2009 10:08) Total user comments: 0

her ring finger is longer then her pointer finger. she once was a dude
№26 Author: Rick (17 Sep 2009 10:55) Total user comments: 0

That is so gross. He/She shouldn't have even been allowed to get a sex change in the first place - kids that young don't even KNOW what they really want, they just think they do.
№27 Author: kbav (17 Sep 2009 12:30) Total user comments: 0

noone that pretty could've been a boy! I refuse to believe it
№28 Author: ;-) (18 Sep 2009 01:48) Total user comments: 0

she's isn't a dude. no it's not gay to like her. she is a WOMAN who was born in a male body. imagine if you looked in the mirror, being who you are now, and saw a body with sex characteristics that weren't what you felt should be there.
she was born with some issues, got them fixed and is now living a healthy and beautiful life. you go girl!
№29 Author: miCHAEL (18 Sep 2009 03:44) Total user comments: 0

№30 Author: Blessed (18 Sep 2009 04:37) Total user comments: 0

I will say this in absolute praise...proud of you Kim,,,very proud you are a very brave young lady. NOW TO ALL YOU TARDS who actually think that someone at that age DOE NOT know WHO they are and WHAT they are , lol you are SOOOOOOO in the dark, here is a fglashlight maybe you can find your penis and pull it out of your aft section. I will tell you EVERY human being who has had to indure years and years of living in the wrong body and knowing ever since they were 4 5 6 or 7 yrs of age that it was WRONG will look at you and say um freako WAKE UP!!! THIS is A FACT not an illusion its time that humanity understand that yes there are those who are born like this and it is NOT that big of a surprize. You know everyday it happens all sorts of birth defects, you use to kill them at birth!!!

Lol just because this defect is internal you think it isnt as real? I can promise you this, if you were born with no arms and no legs I know for a fact you would so notice that you are different than the other kids at a VERY young age.

Why not think before you freakin speak...what a predjudice ass backwards num nutted ego maniac testosterone retards... It would be such a blessing for YOU not to reproduce, maybe you should get fixed so you dont!!!
№31 Author: UmmmmYeah (18 Sep 2009 23:43) Total user comments: 0

Im just waiting for Ashton to jump on my screen... no way she was a male... that doc did a mighty good job LOL :^)
№32 Author: Sesheyan (21 Sep 2009 05:33) Total user comments: 0

Gotta say, she's cute. But in some of those pictures, I can definitely tell that she wasn't born female. The picture of her cross-legged in the mirror in particular.
№33 Author: ooof (23 Sep 2009 03:14) Total user comments: 0

To all you strait dudes having a crisis here - don't worry! Trans ladies do NOT want to sleep with you homophobes. There are tons of people who are totally respectful and happy to date trans folks and unafraid to hide their sexuality from their homophobe-dude friends.
№34 Author: Stephanie (25 Sep 2009 08:18) Total user comments: 0

Lucky girl! I'm so happy she had understanding parents and doctors to help her. :) I've never heard her music, but she has the makings of a model!

Some of you people are just disgusting, by the way.
№35 Author: Carl Osborn (26 Sep 2009 12:47) Total user comments: 0

definitely photoshopped. the pixels are all wrong. I'm surprised you can't see it, it's so obvious...
№36 Author: Resin (6 Oct 2009 23:29) Total user comments: 0

There is at least one pic in there when you can clearly tell that she used to be a boy, now would I have thought that had the title of these pics not mentioned the sex change? Don't know, and never will. Oh well, I personally don't think I'd ever be able to date/sleep with someone who used to be a guy, no matter how good of a job has been done.
№37 Author: hehehehe (14 Oct 2009 20:34) Total user comments: 0

she looks like a bo wit long hair to be honest
№38 Author: Answeris7 (20 Oct 2009 08:23) Total user comments: 0

To those who are saying 'It','He' and 'he/she'
That's horrible, and pathetic.
SHE is a GIRL.
SHE may have, at one time, been male,yes.
But she didn't have the surgery for people to be referring to her as an IT or HE/SHE.

Come on guys.
№39 Author: Prosthetix (22 Oct 2009 09:00) Total user comments: 0

Derr, that's disgusting, derp.
Overweight Americans are disgusting.
Regardless of sex, Tim/Kim is an attractive human being.
№40 Author: anon (30 Oct 2009 12:53) Total user comments: 0

Its a trap!
№41 Author: Becky (7 Nov 2009 04:07) Total user comments: 0

i wonder what she looked like before the operation...
№42 Author: Serefina (8 Nov 2009 13:47) Total user comments: 0

She looked the same before - the op only changed the plumbing underneath, everything else comes from taking female hormone replacements and male hormone blockers.

She's very pretty, and she has established her own identity, and should be proud of who she is.

As for all you narrow minded fools, google 'androgen insensitivity syndrome', then go and wonder how many 'born girls' you know that are XY genetic females instead of XY genetic males. Kim is no different, just needed the surgery and a little assistance to get her body to match the person on the inside.

She is an inspiration to all boys and girls with identity issues.
№43 Author: esty (10 Nov 2009 17:08) Total user comments: 0

she is absolutely gorgeous. thumbs up to her. :)
№44 Author: thomas (15 Nov 2009 10:10) Total user comments: 0

her feet are huge!!!! LOL
№45 Author: Ryan (4 Dec 2009 18:17) Total user comments: 0

She's so hot! I'm glad everything worked for her!
№46 Author: sbadbad (29 Jan 2010 21:40) Total user comments: 0

well, he began to take hormone pills at a very young age, and got the sex change at twelve years old.
She has grown into a beautiful woman, and shouldnt be ridiculed for being a boy once
№47 Author: Michelle (11 Apr 2010 06:55) Total user comments: 680

Activity rewards:
pretty boy 04
№48 Author: Bruuno (16 Apr 2010 10:56) Total user comments: 0

id almost hit it.
№49 Author: shewentwhoa (26 Jul 2010 07:54) Total user comments: 1308

Activity rewards:
№50 Author: Still (15 Jan 2013 07:09) Total user comments: 0

2013 would still hit

2013 would still hit it
№51 Author: Troy (18 Jan 2013 18:03) Total user comments: 0

I'm straight male, but wooow she cute...
№52 Author: brazilian (22 May 2013 12:16) Total user comments: 0

I would date her. Her feminity attracts me, Even if she had the penis i wouldnt care lol. no homo. she's girly 5'7'' tall , long hair etc. god id love to slap her butt ;)

I would date her. Her feminity attracts me, Even if she had the penis i wouldnt care lol. no homo. she's girly 5'7'' tall , long hair etc. god id love to slap her butt ;)

I would date her. Her feminity attracts me, Even if she had the penis i wouldnt care lol. no homo. she's girly 5'7'' tall , long hair etc. god id love to slap her butt ;)
№53 Author: TheRat (26 Jul 2013 02:31) Total user comments: 0

I'm both male and straight, but I wouldn't think twice of tapping that.
№54 Author: Afjab (24 Nov 2013 02:32) Total user comments: 0

I read an article on her not to long ago, born 1992 started hormones at the age of 12 and under went SRS at 16, so yes no matter anybody's opinion she is a girl and I will say a very gorgeous one at that
№55 Author: hank (15 Apr 2014 13:23) Total user comments: 0

due to hair/makeup

just a mutilated dude

unchangeable male bone structure
male genes, no uterus

no normal man would touch him
№56 Author: HappySnapper (3 Aug 2014 22:48) Total user comments: 0

So she was a boy, now she lives and looks a whole lot sexier than some real girls.
would I.... if she was a year or 2 older Absolutely
№57 Author: yikes (12 Oct 2014 16:19) Total user comments: 0


how about still a boy, always a boy?
№58 Author: sugar tits (24 Feb 2015 08:37) Total user comments: 1

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Does it... does it have a penis?
Your name: