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Strange People (100 pics)

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1 Strange People (100 pics)

2 Strange People (100 pics)

3 Strange People (100 pics)

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99 Strange People (100 pics)

100 Strange People (100 pics)

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№1 Author: Kendall W (6 Aug 2009 22:08) Total user comments: 0

I'm appalled and disgusted to find a picture of a fellow college student of mine in this list of photos of "strange people".
First of all, the title itself is ridiculous as many of the photos are not of "strange people" but instead simply a compilation of interesting situations, people dressed like idiots, overweight individuals and some asshole with their hand up Lily Allen's skirt.
To put a picture of someone with a serious and rare medical condition on a list with some disgusting slut trying to deep throat a stack of cups in a bar is absolutely repulsive. She is one of three in the entire world that suffers from this rare condition in which she has 0% body fat. Initially, not expected to ever speak, Lizzie is an inspiration to all who meet her and our entire community. Absolutely one of the most genuinely kindhearted people I have ever met. I would just like to request that her picture be removed from this list. It is extremely hurtful, inconsiderate and highly inappropriate. She is an amazing person and deserves much more than this.
Thank you.
№2 Author: anonymous (7 Aug 2009 04:21) Total user comments: 0

i would tend to agree with the above comment. that's just cruel. have some compassion. i'm sure she's been through enough in her life. being pictured on a website like this is probably only salt in a wound.

p.s. the picture of the slut deep-throating cups is disgusting. if people wanted to see that, they wouldn't have to go far. blegh.
№3 Author: Rzz (7 Aug 2009 06:56) Total user comments: 0

Stop bitching and go outside.
№4 Author: anonymous (7 Aug 2009 17:59) Total user comments: 0

disgusting? what the...
№5 Author: Anonymous (7 Aug 2009 18:27) Total user comments: 0

well that's to power of anon. I would like to interject by naming you have done harm as well.
№6 Author: vsg (7 Aug 2009 19:34) Total user comments: 0

Kendall W,
I missed the pic you were talking about the first time, but found it. I totally agree with you.
№7 Author: youraprick (7 Aug 2009 19:49) Total user comments: 0

Everyone should give a thumbs down in stumble upon until the pics removed. Or just bad mouth the creator for being an insensitive prick. With a small penis no less.
№8 Author: moaroflilly (7 Aug 2009 21:51) Total user comments: 0

I also find it highly disgusting, if you had atleast put the picture up the young lad was taking instead of the picture of lilly.
№9 Author: loves deep-throat (7 Aug 2009 21:51) Total user comments: 0

But she's really, really thin! It's really, really strange!
One of the fat ones should give her an arm to chew on...
№10 Author: youguysareretards (7 Aug 2009 21:52) Total user comments: 0

anyone with this supposed condition would know better than to drink
and no girl with boobs that big has 0% body fat
dont believe everything you see on the internet
№11 Author: anon42 (7 Aug 2009 21:55) Total user comments: 0

"rare medical condition"...
"one of three in the entire world that suffers from this rare condition"...
sounds like perfectly good qualifications for 'strange' to me.

I agree with your comment of
more "a compilation of interesting situations, people dressed like idiots, overweight individuals..." and I am sure the person you speak of is a good person, but...

she made the cut,

P.S. WTF is the floating headset thing in the pool?!?

№12 Author: Shran (7 Aug 2009 22:05) Total user comments: 0

Quite a number of pictures just show normal people in other cultures by the way.
Is this some xenophobic form of humor ?
№13 Author: itsfunnygetoveryourself (7 Aug 2009 22:53) Total user comments: 0

hehe.... beastiality... hilarious.
№14 Author: Your mom (7 Aug 2009 23:36) Total user comments: 0

Kendall W,
STFU and get off the internet if it offends you the internet is home of all insensitive things quit being a whining little bitch and just stfu who cares about your bulimic friend if you spent half the time taking her out to eat at mcd'ies instead of in your room on here she might look like the fools in the hot tub fucking idiot. Thumbs UP from me
№15 Author: Get Over IT (7 Aug 2009 23:42) Total user comments: 0

It's called the freedom of the internet. if you don't like it, don't look at it!!!
If you post pictures on the internet ANYWHERE then everyone has access to it and can do whatever they want to it whether it be to laugh at, to gawk at or, hell, to masturbate to.
Welcome to the Era of Technology.
№16 Author: it really isn't that funny, how old (7 Aug 2009 23:58) Total user comments: 0

Your mom,
what the fuck, you all just made me lose faith in mankind. come on. youguysarereatards, totally just schooled everyone. i'm sure you know all about this condition, and everyone else is just a retard right? and you're not just saying what you think sounds right to be an argumentative prick? go learn about the condition whether she's a friend of the commenter or not. either way, she's still a person and she deserves the respect of people knowing the truth about her instead of just random guesses by douchebags. aren't computer users supposed to be smart?

yeah we do have the right to post anything on the internet, but just cause you can open a website petitioning for another holocaust does it mean you should? I think the sad part is the few people who find it funny have the power to pass it on to so many other people. lets deal with this the democratic way and stumbleupon thumbs down this guy. "it's called the freedom of the internet!!!11"
№17 Author: SAUCE (8 Aug 2009 00:04) Total user comments: 0

Kendall STFU - GTFO - NOW!!

№18 Author: LOLOCOPTER (8 Aug 2009 00:25) Total user comments: 0

haha the skinny chick was funny and WTH, rare medical conditions are hilarious :D Why do you think your god invented them, if he didnt thinks its funny?

And of course other cultures are funny, they think of americans as power hungry, greedy, grotesquely fat, captilistic destructive pigs and their right so choke on it ^^
№19 Author: anonymous (8 Aug 2009 00:27) Total user comments: 0

looks like she could use a sammich
№20 Author: Not Sure (8 Aug 2009 03:44) Total user comments: 0

@ Kendall W
Your friend is retarded. And thus strange. Get it? Should've been aborted but I guess it's parents are retarded as well. Explains the hereditary relation.
№21 Author: brosef (8 Aug 2009 03:45) Total user comments: 0

Are you fucking kidding me? If these pictures bother you, click away. There is no one preventing you from leaving this website in favor of anything else, and there is no one keeping your cursor hostage. Stop crying.
№22 Author: Anon (8 Aug 2009 03:59) Total user comments: 0

Kendall W,
I lol'd at the pic of ur fellow college student
№23 Author: lololol (8 Aug 2009 03:59) Total user comments: 0

Having 0% body fat doesn't mean you would have no muscle mass either and turn out to be absolutely hideous. That woman is disgustingly thin, but I doubt you could even survive with no body fat whatsoever.

Nobody said computer users were smart. You yourself, along with everyone else posting, are proof that idiots can be taught how to point, click and type.
№24 Author: Hellonow (8 Aug 2009 04:31) Total user comments: 0

That girl needs to loose some weight. What a fucking fat ass.

And all you granny fucking morons who think this should be taken down, i hope you fall down the next step of sets you walk down and break the neck that keeps your fat head attached to your useless meat bag of a body.

Why don't you go striking words out of the dictionary with a sharpie, so people won't see anything OFFENSIVE, hopefully for the rest of their innocent sing a long bullshit fucking lives.

№25 Author: Matt (8 Aug 2009 05:06) Total user comments: 0

Kendall W:

The term Strange, as defined by the first dictionary that google gave me:

"being definitely out of the ordinary and unexpected"

Being one of three people on earth to suffer from a medical makes you out of the ordinary does it not?

Perhaps you should lighten up and/or get a life.
№26 Author: grum (8 Aug 2009 05:58) Total user comments: 0

Trying to get stumblers to thumbs this down??? tut tut, naughty fascist!
thumbs up for all!!! ooh, look, my thumb is fatter than your friend,lolololololol
№27 Author: bd (8 Aug 2009 06:13) Total user comments: 0

Kendall W,
Oh come on No. 1 just cause you got your picture up here doesn't mean that you have to flip out, and since when has strange been a bad thing, don't you remember that old high school question "what's normal anyway?" If we can laugh at ourselves then we can do a lot more wit our lives!
№28 Author: an asshole (8 Aug 2009 07:15) Total user comments: 0

haaaaaaaaa lul


№29 Author: some guy (8 Aug 2009 09:00) Total user comments: 0

Look not everyone is normal or the same or any of that shit. And quite frankly if you are different and get offended when someone points it out to you you should just go ahead and swallow a shotgun. It will never stop for as long as you live because not everyone is a nice caring individual who personally knows you and your plight special condition or whatever. Nobody said it was a list of bad people or undesirables it is really just a compilation of pictures so get over yourself you fucking bleeding hearts.
№30 Author: Damn! (8 Aug 2009 13:37) Total user comments: 0

That girl is ugly as shit!!!
№31 Author: Your mama (8 Aug 2009 22:50) Total user comments: 0

Thumbs down, for sure - but why only request 1 picture be removed? Whose place is it to make fun of people. I would bet that the person that posted this crap is FAR from perfect... I guess they think by making fun of people is somehow compensating for their own short-comings. Remember, weenie-head, when you point a finger at someone else, there are 3 pointing back at you...

Loser. How about getting a life and stop finding humor in other people's short-comings?
№32 Author: Anon (9 Aug 2009 07:37) Total user comments: 0

You're right, Your mama, jeez, I still can't believe people make fun of each other. I mean everyone has something that they could be made fun of for (no one is perfect), so why would anyone do it? Wait, what?

By the way, next time you're preaching your feel good, idealistic, everyone should be nice bullshit, try not to insult them repeatedly in the process, you're kinda shooting yourself in the foot.
№33 Author: JMWA (9 Aug 2009 20:14) Total user comments: 0

OMG LOL look at that freakish chick with no body fat
№34 Author: It takes real guts to be an internet tou (10 Aug 2009 00:33) Total user comments: 0

Making fun of someone for a medical condition they were born with is about as low as it gets.

The picture should be removed for obvious reasons - anyone who tries that "it's the internet, we can do whatever we want" bullshit is a scumbag, and of course they know it. They just wanna get a rise outta someone 'cause they're angry and they suck at life so they feel like they gotta go spread their shit around the internet. They choose to attack whoever they perceive to be weaker than themselves in a really pathetic form of gorillaesque chest-thumping.

I can't imagine how shitty of a person you have to be to make fun of a person like Lizzy. You are the lowest rung of society.
№35 Author: Tommy (10 Aug 2009 21:37) Total user comments: 0

Hey, you shouldnt be posting pics of my mom on here either. And she wasn't sleeping she was just resting her eyes.
№36 Author: anon (11 Aug 2009 22:08) Total user comments: 0

successful troll is successful
№37 Author: deeraspberry (11 Aug 2009 22:15) Total user comments: 0

I still thing the list as a whole is interesting to look at... I for one look at these pics and don't make fun of people in my mind but I like to look at all different types of images, especially of people because they cause a reaction in me and I find that interesting.
Of course when you get to know the story behind the images, it definitely brings the human element forth and I have compassion for the girl that has the rare medical condition.
I hope people can just look at these images objectively and see how it makes them feel.
Light & love xxx
№38 Author: moka (11 Aug 2009 22:33) Total user comments: 0

Stop bitching or you'll get dead flowers for gifts :)
Girl swallowing cups rocks.

Important questions:
Who is the asian girl with the gun?
Where are the closeups of Lilly Allen?
What are those helmets in the pool for?
№39 Author: I gets it right (12 Aug 2009 00:04) Total user comments: 0

And from the website this little excerpt is found,

"Please dont feel like you have to treat me different just because I look different."

Lizzie supports this website.
№40 Author: wtf (12 Aug 2009 01:24) Total user comments: 0

maybe she doesn't have any body fat, so thats why she's skinny as hell
but does she have a medical condition to explain how UGLY her face is???
№41 Author: anon (12 Aug 2009 01:54) Total user comments: 0

You guys are all p*ssies. That girl with the disease is strange in my books! Excellent List!
№42 Author: Marcy (12 Aug 2009 03:02) Total user comments: 0

The picture of Lizzie should definitely be removed. Those of you who left cruel comments should pray that your loved ones are never afflicted with a serious disease. What if she were your sister or friend? How would you feel if her picture was posted here? Don't be so callous. Think of other people's feelings and how your insensitive comments may hurt.
№43 Author: gfysd (12 Aug 2009 03:08) Total user comments: 0

Lizzie seems like a miraculous woman, and everyone is being incredibly insensitive and immature by saying such rude things about her. However, why is "strange" given such a bad connotation? The word "normal" is usually more offensive to me on a personal level...meaning I would rather be called "strange" than "normal". I am also on this list, and I am happy about it. It's fun. Lizzie is strange looking. So am I. See? Easy.
№44 Author: smallz (12 Aug 2009 05:15) Total user comments: 0

wtf, you are a cunt.

youguysareretards, she has no boobs, unless you were looking at the wrong picture. How do you know she was drinking alcohol? The glasses are empty, and could have been holding soda, water, or maybe they aren't her's. Oh and her face is skinny because SHE HAS NO BODY FAT which, by the way, helps make up your face. I am sure she is a much better person than you, no matter how physically attractive you may/may not be, simply because obviously your insides are much more disgusting than what you think is her disform.

oh by the way you're a cunt.
№45 Author: Anon (12 Aug 2009 06:00) Total user comments: 0

No really, telling anonymous people on the internet to be more 'sensitive' is laughable. And if you honestly think you're making a difference you're newer to the internet than most people. I will help you: Welcome to the internet, if looking at something offends you because it isn't 'moral' then GET THE FUCK OUT. The internet doesn't take kindly to you, and actually resents you for it. If you do not understand this I will repeat: get out. Get out now. Oh and go fuck yourselves moral defenders of random people on the internets!
№46 Author: hahaironic (12 Aug 2009 10:23) Total user comments: 0

Ooh, let me help more. Welcome to the internet where completely useless people make themselves feel better by making fun of others.
№47 Author: edner (12 Aug 2009 21:23) Total user comments: 0

hahahahahahah this link is simply great!!!!!!!!!!! It made laugh so much....
№48 Author: GZa (13 Aug 2009 19:14) Total user comments: 0

I'm sure she is a great person but that doesn't stop the fact that she looks strange. Being politically correct is so annoying its funny fucking laugh at it. O and if you don't like it just leave there arre 534453375453453112345454745313
53687541212012676313545213 other sites you could go to
№49 Author: anon (13 Aug 2009 23:51) Total user comments: 0

№50 Author: TDC (14 Aug 2009 13:50) Total user comments: 0

Kendall W: This is an image dump. Notice that there is no commentary or back story on any of these pictures. That's because the person or persons responsible for this post just saved up a bunch of images that loosely fit a basic theme, and when they had enough, mass posted them like an electronic bowel movement (hence the term "dump"). This type of posting takes absolutely no effort, other than that of uploading and linking to images, and with the right software, you can have that done in under ten minutes (including upload time).

So, given that, despite the fact that you're most likely right about your fellow student - I'm assuming it's the woman with the extreme facial deformities? - you're really wasting your time. If somebody had posted a diatribe about how freakish or ugly she was, I would see your desire to set the record straight, but as it is, you're basically getting angry over the words, "strange people". I don't know, maybe you're getting upset because her picture is on this site, but that's what happens when stuff goes online - if even one other person has an interest in it, it will probably forever afterward be a part of the bitstream. Trying to fight that is like trying to fight a river. You're just going to end up looking foolish.

Your heart it probably in the right place, but an anonymous picture dump is not the place to make a stand. Pick your battles. I'm willing to bet your friend - who has lived with her condition for a long time, I'm sure - would laugh it off is she saw it.

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