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Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

Pics | 7 Jun, 2011 | Views: 17879 |  +56   |  

This post was submitted by Alex Ghica from Romania:

My name is Alex Ghica, I'm from Bucharest, Romania. I'm 22 years old, and in february 2010 I took a decision to change my life, after dropping out of all sports activities and becoming a fast food junkie and candy addict I gained weight considerably. I had two attempts to loose weight, which did not work out that well, because all the weight lost, was gained back real quick. In february I completely changed my lifestyle, now I try to help others achieve the same thing. I quit smoking after 7 years in january 2011 as a bonus for leading a healthy life. Here are some photos of what happened so far. In february 2010 I had 116kg, and 31% body fat, now I have 85kg and 14% body fat.
The "now" photos are two months old, I'll post my latest pics at the end of july when my transformation is complete, I do not want to look like a body builder, I just want to be perfectly fit. The stretch marks on my body will always remind me that McD and other friendly fastfood places have only "the best interests of serving us the most nutritious and healthy foods".

1 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

2 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

3 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

4 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

5 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

6 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

7 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

8 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

9 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

10 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

11 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

12 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

13 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

14 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

15 Alex Ghica's Weight Loss Story (16 pics)

If anyone needs advice feel free to contact me!

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№1 Author: Jimmy Johnson (7 Jun 2011 02:32) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
Great... You're a "Myoplex" ad.
№2 Author: raymond.wendt (7 Jun 2011 02:43) Total user comments: 9111

Activity rewards:
wow, great job! I think that extra skin will go away eventually.
№3 Author: compmaster (7 Jun 2011 03:51) Total user comments: 1870

Activity rewards:
№4 Author: Hypertension (7 Jun 2011 03:53) Total user comments: 1037

Activity rewards:
you have a great ... ferrari.
№5 Author: GhostChronos (7 Jun 2011 03:53) Total user comments: 2100

Activity rewards:
awesome, great job...good for him! 04
№6 Author: mahedi (7 Jun 2011 05:32) Total user comments: 10756

Activity rewards:
Nicely done 21
№7 Author: Nguyenazn (7 Jun 2011 05:58) Total user comments: 1136

Activity rewards:
I used to be 190 but since i met this girl is now my lover, that was my biggest motivation to push my self forward to a strict dieting. And now im 125 within 5'6 ! 04
№8 Author: MrMaj81 (7 Jun 2011 06:06) Total user comments: 774

Activity rewards:
№9 Author: Sativa (7 Jun 2011 06:54) Total user comments: 263

Activity rewards:
Way to go!!
№10 Author: Jinxaruny (7 Jun 2011 08:39) Total user comments: 10324

Activity rewards:
Awesome! Anyone can have the body of their dreams, it just takes a little work and dedication! 04
№11 Author: Bender Rodriguez (7 Jun 2011 08:42) Total user comments: 1101

Activity rewards:
Did you noticed how many posts are from Romania lately? What are the rest of Eastern Europe countries doing?
№12 Author: Patty (7 Jun 2011 09:15) Total user comments: 1766

Activity rewards:
№13 Author: tiny (7 Jun 2011 10:14) Total user comments: 29

Activity rewards:
raymond.wendt, that isn't extra skin, it's still fat, and the pics are a few months old, check back at the end of the month, or in july to see another transformation. :)
no strict diets, no wonder pills just a new lifestyle, a healthy one

HypertensionI didn't fit in it then, but now I cna't afford it
№14 Author: salsapopo (7 Jun 2011 11:03) Total user comments: 12722

Activity rewards:
well done
№15 Author: 2fuzzy (7 Jun 2011 16:23) Total user comments: 10400

Activity rewards:
Great job!
№16 Author: Sokay (7 Jun 2011 18:32) Total user comments: 237

Activity rewards:
Awesome job man! 04
What kind of diet did you use?
'cause i'm a bit, well a little too much, overweight and I'm in the same situation that you were 13
№17 Author: TinklingMonkey (7 Jun 2011 18:52) Total user comments: 684

Activity rewards:
Well go you.... good job.... but its sad you blame the fast food industry for your fatness... nobody forces you to eat there.... GO MCDONALS AND BURGER KING AND ALL THE FAST FOOD JOINTS OUT THERE!! I love your food its GREAT!! YAY PIZZA DELIVARY!!! Everyone gets mad at mcdonalds but no one blames the places that will deliver the fatty foods to your house?? HA HA HA. Well world if you are fat dont blame other people ITS YOUR FAULT!!! as you can see if you have a little SELF CONTROL you wont get fat.... GOOD LUCK PEOPLE 07 07
№18 Author: beef2009 (7 Jun 2011 19:40) Total user comments: 42

Activity rewards:
Nice work fella!
№19 Author: cherrygarcia14 (8 Jun 2011 14:41) Total user comments: 2278

Activity rewards:
№20 Author: tiny (9 Jun 2011 02:31) Total user comments: 29

Activity rewards:
you should get some english lessons dummy :)
indeed :)

I want to thank everyone. I've been viewing acidcow for more than a year, when I first saw other transformation pics I thought to myself "that's what I want to do"
I'll be opening a blog soon with my full story and history, so all photoshop liposuction streoids and other stupid rumours will disappear completely
№21 Author: DocMcCoy (11 Jun 2011 07:30) Total user comments: 6039

Activity rewards:
Good for you man. 04
№22 Author: pash.maloo (13 Jun 2011 00:42) Total user comments: 1713

Activity rewards:
wow - hard work pays off - you look great!!
№23 Author: quackers (15 Jun 2011 13:18) Total user comments: 4827

Activity rewards:

great work mate 04 04 04 04
№24 Author: tiny (21 Jun 2011 12:00) Total user comments: 29

Activity rewards:
10x a lot everybody, Can't wait till the end of july to see my latest achievement
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