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Gun Accidentally Discharges (8 pics)

Pics | 28 Mar, 2011 | Views: 41394 |  -27   |  

The victim says:
“What the hell was that?!?” she said. It took me a half a second to realize that my gun had just gone off…on my hip…in its holster. My wife and I had just finished breakfast at our favorite café and got into the car.
Me being the passenger, I rotated my torso to the left to fasten my seatbelt like I always do. When I straightened again, my Glock 19 discharged, blowing a 9mm hole through my pants, underwear, the leather seat and bottom of the car’s door frame.
The bullet nicked my hip, but the wound is nothing a bandage couldn’t cover. So what went wrong? Guns never go “Bang” all by themselves.
After ensuring I wasn’t hemorrhaging profusely and didn’t have to make a dash for the hospital, I stayed seated in the car as my wife came around to my door and opened it. I undid my belt and slid the Galco JAK202 Slide Belt Holster, with the gun still in it, off my belt. Why it went off was immediately apparent.

1 Gun Accidentally Discharges (8 pics)

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№1 Author: gari (28 Mar 2011 00:19) Total user comments: 571

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Why did he took gun,into cafe with his wife?
№2 Author: Kaiks (28 Mar 2011 00:30) Total user comments: 163

Activity rewards:
design fail
№3 Author: Vonkara (28 Mar 2011 00:53) Total user comments: 158

Activity rewards:
It must be awesome to live in a country where you have to bring your gun at the cafe... For the trigger thing, there is something called a safety on most guns. sigh
№4 Author: Decro435 (28 Mar 2011 00:57) Total user comments: 101

Activity rewards:
Typical America, Food and guns. You always need to bring your gun to the cafe, never know what will happen... 33
№5 Author: amchit (28 Mar 2011 01:06) Total user comments: 36

Activity rewards:
Why? An American living in fear...
№6 Author: cuddlesmcfuddles (28 Mar 2011 01:19) Total user comments: 2

Activity rewards:
umm, this guy is and idiot. Never keep a round in the chamber and use the safety. Too bad this didn't sterilize him, at least that would save us from gun nuts procreating
№7 Author: GhostChronos (28 Mar 2011 01:22) Total user comments: 2100

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№8 Author: eMMede (28 Mar 2011 01:59) Total user comments: 291

Activity rewards:
good shit..
№9 Author: flammable (28 Mar 2011 02:01) Total user comments: 84

Activity rewards:
took it because he could and wanted too

Glocks have no safety

He should have 'obeyed'?

Live in fear? How about rely on yourself instead of others

Unloaded gun is just a weight
№10 Author: Haro (28 Mar 2011 02:02) Total user comments: 551

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№11 Author: noxusrules (28 Mar 2011 02:03) Total user comments: 1052

Activity rewards:
№12 Author: Magpyre (28 Mar 2011 02:38) Total user comments: 76

Activity rewards:
Why would you take a gun to a cafe... it makes no sense, I have been to a cafe hundreds of times and never once have I ever thought "I wish I had a gun right now"
№13 Author: capt.huffnpuff (28 Mar 2011 03:51) Total user comments: 2734

Activity rewards:
Stupid is what stupid does 02
№14 Author: raymond.wendt (28 Mar 2011 04:10) Total user comments: 9111

Activity rewards:

And yet another reason not to own a glock. and there is no such thing as an accidental discharge, only negligent discharges... in this case, the negligence lies with the manufacturer. This weapon is built with no safety!

1. Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
2. Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot.
3. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
4. Keep your weapon on safe until you intend to fire.
№15 Author: throatmymonster (28 Mar 2011 05:23) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
Hey Magpyre... 35 people in The Broad Arrow Cafe in Tasmania Australia probably had your attitude until Martin Bryant walked in. Then I guess they all would have wished they lived in a country where you are allowed to defend yourself. Final tally 20 dead 15 injured. One person with a handgun and the intestinal fortitude to be in charge of their own fate could have changed the outcome of that chapter in history for the better. All the people who bag Glocks for being unsafe know precious little about true fire arm safety or firearms for that matter. Many police forces the world over have adopted this weapon as their issue sidearm. That wouldnt happen if it was unsafe.
№16 Author: Patty (28 Mar 2011 05:25) Total user comments: 1766

Activity rewards:
Proof that idiots shouldn't play/own guns.
№17 Author: DocMcCoy (28 Mar 2011 05:49) Total user comments: 6039

Activity rewards:
Why would you buy a gun with no safety? Why would you live in a place where you need to carry a gun into a cafe? Why would you even post this? 13
№18 Author: Boomer (28 Mar 2011 06:18) Total user comments: 154

Activity rewards:
As a former law enforcement officer, I have seen this happen with Glock's to fellow officers. It usually involves careless handling or like in the photos above, a poorly designed holster.

Glock's have no safety, you either carry them in a secured holster or ride on empty. I've always liked revolvers, and have never had an accident.

There are many areas in our country where carrying a firearm is advisable. Be it due to a criminal element or dangerous animals it's good to have when you need it.
№19 Author: mortex (28 Mar 2011 06:50) Total user comments: 735

Activity rewards:
A gun not having a safety isn't always a bad thing, a cop having to worry about a safety can cost him precious life saving seconds when up against a criminal.
№20 Author: You-Know-Who (28 Mar 2011 08:51) Total user comments: 499

Activity rewards:
Poor dude, I hope he's okay since that's a kinda bad scratch....
№21 Author: Naphia (28 Mar 2011 13:57) Total user comments: 1071

Activity rewards:
I don't know if that guy lives in a criminal area, so he'd take a gun to a cafe. Else it doesn't make sense to me. I sometimes have the impression that certain people carry not only because they're safer then, but also because they want to feel badass (which is the wrong reason to carry a gun).

A gun is only safe if properly secured (better unloaded) and won't defend you if can't use it. I see no good reason to carry a gun along.

I'm glad no one in my environment carries a gun along, because it's not very comfortable to be in room where you have to be afraid to be accidentally shot.
Some people forget: Guns are not toys, they were developed to kill.
№22 Author: Dakon (28 Mar 2011 14:40) Total user comments: 76

Activity rewards:
oh boy...low IQ
№23 Author: jacobo (28 Mar 2011 14:56) Total user comments: 184

Activity rewards:
taking a gun to the caf !!!!!
is this the wild west 88
№24 Author: Jimmy Johnson (28 Mar 2011 15:13) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
Toyota only had faulty floormats. Guns have idiotic owners.
№25 Author: schlange (28 Mar 2011 16:56) Total user comments: 38

Activity rewards:
my first thought was that the guy comes from a very criminal town like Johannesburg in south africa, then I tried to find out what the most dangerous citys are. I found out that an US City is the second most dangerous city in the world.



So US-Guys... in your Country it is more dangerous to live than in the "Terrorist-Countries"
; that your government and most of you are afraid of.

maybe some people should think about it.

i didnt find my nation (austria) on that danger list...

"security" always reduces freedom. this guys security could have reduced someones freedom to death...

this is the stuff why the whole world thinks that the people of US are the most stupid and general retarded people at all.
№26 Author: joffenbaker (28 Mar 2011 17:04) Total user comments: 4943

Activity rewards:
use the safety. If you're gonna carry a death device, then be responsible.
№27 Author: Tommyfilth (28 Mar 2011 17:33) Total user comments: 264

Activity rewards:

Stupid is you.
№28 Author: itstodd (28 Mar 2011 18:55) Total user comments: 194

Activity rewards:
because he can...
№29 Author: mahedi (28 Mar 2011 19:18) Total user comments: 10754

Activity rewards:
№30 Author: tsp (28 Mar 2011 19:32) Total user comments: 25

Activity rewards:
What a fool.. 02
№31 Author: Lu (28 Mar 2011 19:38) Total user comments: 14793

Activity rewards:
Hold it, hold it! You do not know that fat waitress in the cafe. Dangerous bitch, ja.
№32 Author: dragonerred (28 Mar 2011 21:29) Total user comments: 237

Activity rewards:
gun for civil is useless instead you live in 1800'..
№33 Author: Arsey (28 Mar 2011 22:13) Total user comments: 149

Activity rewards:
How about not even owning a gun??
№34 Author: Eru (29 Mar 2011 00:49) Total user comments: 146

Activity rewards:
why not carry a gun with a safety?
№35 Author: M1911 (29 Mar 2011 01:48) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
I'm an NRA-certified firearms safety officer, certified range safety officer, holder of a number of concealed carry permits, and the owner of several Glocks. The problem here was not caused by the gun. Glocks are perfectly safe when handled properly.

Some comments have said he should have had the safety on -- those posters clearly don't know a thing about guns, as Glocks do not have a manual safety. Other posters have said he shouldn't have had a round in the chamber. That is also incorrect -- there is not a single law enforcement agency in the US that requires its officers to carry with the chamber empty, and for good reason.

The problem here is that the owner of the gun was using a lousy holster and he didn't check the condition of that holster, as it was clearly worn out. In general, Galco makes lousy holsters. I've got three of them and I no longer use them because of their failings. Galco holsters aren't any good new, and his holster is clearly worn out.

But more importantly, there simply is no excuse for not paying more attention to your gear. If you can afford a $500 Glock, you can afford a better holster. Get yourself to Raven Concealment, Milt Sparks, Kramer Leather, or, if you are really cheap, Comp-Tac. Any of the above makes better holsters than Galco.
№36 Author: kappy (29 Mar 2011 05:57) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
The guy was lucky that it wasn't worse. He made a mistake. He paid for it.

I love all the folks who posted that just having a gun is dangerous/wrong. He carries a gun because he feels it is appropriate. I feel the same way. Obviously those of you criticizing even his very ownership of a gun make the mistake of believing that you live in a safe world. I do not suffer from that delusion anymore than I believe that I am the Pope.

I make sure my guns are in properly fitted holsters. I shall endeavor to learn from his lesson. I am thankful that he posted his experience online.
№37 Author: Jinxaruny (29 Mar 2011 09:12) Total user comments: 10324

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№38 Author: schlange (29 Mar 2011 12:37) Total user comments: 38

Activity rewards:
a lot of US-americans are carrying guns because they are afraid. of dangerous situations. of creepy people. of thiefs and murderers and so on...

maybe there are so many creepy people and thiefs and murderers because its so easy to get a gun?

i come from austria, which is a very safe place to live, but i had some wrong friends, some became criminal(drugs)... I had been in at least 3 dangerous situations, 2 times we could solve the problem without fighting (got some bad drugs but then got the money back) , and the third time a friend of mine had to go to hospital because of his injuries...

If someone had a gun in one of the 3 situations, someone would have been killed. I didnt want a gun in any of the 3 situations (for me).

if no-one has a gun, neither the thief nor you, no one can be shot.

In Austria people mostly get shot by agressive policemen and rarely by diplomats. These are the only people that carry guns in public.

The people who want to carry a gun all the day are called hunters. the use to shoot on animals.
№39 Author: 2fuzzy (29 Mar 2011 16:39) Total user comments: 10400

Activity rewards:
Wow... all the negative votes makes me think the NRA got a hold of this thread.
№40 Author: codingismy11to7 (29 Mar 2011 16:42) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
This is why I carry a Springfield instead of a Glock, round in the chamber. Has the same trigger safety as the Glock, plus a 1911-style grip safety. The rest of the gun is similar - striker-fired, high reliability.
№41 Author: D0pplgang3r (29 Mar 2011 23:27) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
Numerous things are wrong with this, let's get them out of the way altogether.

1. Glocks do have a safety, 3 actually. It's a trigger safety, seen here:

2. This Glock has been modified, as there are NO Glocks that have a beaver tail as seen in the last picture. If this has been modified, who is to say that the trigger has not been modified as well? Hmm? There are no pictures showing the full trigger.

3. Using a folded unmolded leather holster is asking for this sort of thing over time. They are not quality holsters and by purchasing them you have accepted the risk. Also make sure you are using a holster designed for the weapon in order to reduce the risk of this happening.

4. Anyone stating that a round should not be in the chamber while carrying is an idiot. Someone posing a threat to yourself or others are not going to wait while you chamber a round.

5. This man is carrying a weapon to a cafe because he is licensed to carry a concealed firearm by his state of residence. He is also exercising his 2nd Amendment right.

In short, the man carrying the weapon is the one responsible for the discharge of his weapon for using an inferior holster and possibly replacing the stock parts (and safeties) that come factory made on the weapon. Simple as that.
№42 Author: fishcharmer (29 Mar 2011 23:44) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
Some of these comments here are hilarious. He carries a gun into a cafe because he carries a gun wherever he goes. Probably even to church (GASP).

This is America and sh** happens all the time. Police are not always there to protect you in case something happens. And by the way, Glock pistols do not have a typical “switch” type safety. It has the trigger safety. I am not very fond of them. He was wearing a worn out holster that caused the accidental discharge. A mistake that likely won't ever happen to him again.

By the way, this guy went through a class and a Federal background check and has a license to carry his firearm. The typical bad guy did not and those are the people you have to worry about, not this guy.
№43 Author: MetalRain (31 Mar 2011 06:44) Total user comments: 6

Activity rewards:
auch ! 09
№44 Author: compmaster (8 Apr 2011 15:45) Total user comments: 1870

Activity rewards:
№45 Author: VivaGardner (23 Aug 2011 05:12) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
I had to join just because some of these comments are ridiculous. 05

Questioning why someone is carrying a gun to a cafe is so moronic I don't even know where to being. You carry a gun because you want to protect yourself, it's your 2nd amendment right, and you NEVER know when you're going to use it.

Oh, I'm going to a cafe, so I won't carry my gun... how stupid. You either carry a gun or you don't. You don't pick and choose when you carry it. I've been jumped in the "safest" of places and yet I've never been jumped in downtown Detroit at night.... You never know.

This is CLEARLY CLEARLY CLEARLY USER ERROR. 10 He is using a holster that doesn't even cover the trigger 09 .... It is actually pushing against the trigger 07 . It was only a matter of time until it fired. 14

Glocks are perfectly safe.

If you're carrying chambered (WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY TO CARRY OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME), then you carry the gun in a holster that fully covers the trigger. It's pretty simple. Keep your finger off the trigger when you draw and reholster.

If you're carrying a gun outside your home with no round in the chamber, why are you carrying a gun? goodluck defending yourself in a stress situation. It just isn't going to happen. If you get grabbed from behind, you're not going to be able to get both hands on the gun and rack a round. If you aren't comfortable carrying a Glock with a round in the chamber, get a gun with a manual safety----but again, goodluck clicking off the safety in a time of stress.

There is a reason that GLOCKS are used by police everywhere. They are safe with proper use and they are ready to fire immediately upon being drawn.

I carry both a GLOCK and a S&W with no safeties. I carry around my house and property with no round in the chamber but as soon as I leave my house, I get that bitch ready. It's 100% safe--- if you're safe.
№46 Author: Texas Marine (10 Sep 2014 21:53) Total user comments: 0

The weapon discharged because it's owner is a moron carrying in Condition 0.
№47 Author: WillyB (5 Mar 2015 23:55) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
Have to give my 2 cents. The lack of an external safety is a major weakness of the Glock design. Look at the U.S. military. 200 years of experience taught the Army that a manual external safety is necessary. The original M1911 had both a grip safety, designed by John Moses Browning, and a manual thumb safety, which JMB did not want but added at the insistence of the Army. Similarly Glock has made pistols with safeties for military and police contracts.

Cominolli makes an aftermarket safety that is even endorsed by Glock. Smith and Wesson offers its striker-fired pistols with or without a safety. Ruger has a thumb safety on its striker guns. Springfield Armory, on its XD and XDM line (striker fired, similar to Glock), has a grip safety similar to the 1911. Why Glock will not make one available from the factory in its commercial guns is a mystery.

Yes, the user is responsible and must be aware 100% of the time, but things happen fast and outside your control sometimes. Police are famous for their AD's, usually when re-holstering. And Glock is the number one gun represented in accidental discharges. And leather is a poor choice for an inside the waistband holster.
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