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Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Pics | 10 Feb, 2011 | Views: 44856 |  +29   |  

William Livingstone House

1 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Michigan Central Station

2 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Woodward Avenue

3 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Atrium, Farwell Building

4 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

18th floor dentist cabinet, David Broderick Tower

5 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Bagley-Clifford Office of the National Bank of Detroit

6 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

David Whitney Building

7 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

United Artists Theater

8 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Fort Shelby Hotel

9 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Ballroom, American Hotel

10 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Melted clock, Cass Technical High School

11 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Donovan Building

12 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Old First Unitarian Church

13 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Piano, Saint Albertus School

14 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Luben Apartments

15 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church, built in the Gothic revival style in 1911

16 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Rich-Dex Apartments

17 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Classroom, St Margaret Mary School

18 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Biology classroom, Wilbur Wright High School

19 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

St Christopher House, ex-Public Library

20 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Fisher Body 21 Plant

21 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Room 1504, Lee Plaza Hotel

22 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

DetroitŐs Vanity Ballroom with its unsalvaged art deco chandeliers. Duke Ellington and Tommy Dorsey once played here.

23 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Packard Motors Plant

24 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Waiting hall, Michigan Central Station

25 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

East Methodist Church

26 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

East Side Public Library

27 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Offices, Highland Park Police Station

28 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Biology classroom at George W Ferris School in the Detroit suburb of Highland Park

29 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

The ballroom of the 15-floor art-deco Lee Plaza Hotel, an apartment building with hotel services built in 1929 and derelict since the early 1990s

30 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Michigan Theatre

31 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)

Packard Motors Plant

32 Ruins of Detroit (32 pics)


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№1 Author: spoiltballs (10 Feb 2011 02:07) Total user comments: 11

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№2 Author: NooFoo (10 Feb 2011 02:27) Total user comments: 798

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if i lived there, i'd go salvage as much as i could. some of that old wood from the early 1900's is very valuable today. so much money to be made recycling all the metals and precious materials.
№3 Author: Last (10 Feb 2011 02:39) Total user comments: 98

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№4 Author: Benji (10 Feb 2011 02:52) Total user comments: 12

Activity rewards:
So keep telling us how you're the best country in the world....?
№5 Author: jajael (10 Feb 2011 02:57) Total user comments: 166

Activity rewards:
why is everything like that? looks like it was simply left behind...
№6 Author: Dust (10 Feb 2011 03:13) Total user comments: 235

Activity rewards:
Looks like an aftermath... Oh wait, I've already said that!
№7 Author: Jimmy Johnson (10 Feb 2011 03:19) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
All good things must come to an end, but shit... Shit lasts forever.
№8 Author: adzhoe (10 Feb 2011 03:54) Total user comments: 14614

Activity rewards:
NooFoo, you're right.
№9 Author: HarryPudding (10 Feb 2011 07:12) Total user comments: 984

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cool stuff 04
№10 Author: elunicotomas (10 Feb 2011 13:32) Total user comments: 1680

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№11 Author: joffenbaker (10 Feb 2011 13:40) Total user comments: 4944

Activity rewards:
Seen this post before, but Wht don't they raze these places and start over?
№12 Author: salsapopo (10 Feb 2011 13:58) Total user comments: 12722

Activity rewards:
looks like a storm walk thought
№13 Author: Pilgrim (10 Feb 2011 18:04) Total user comments: 2288

Activity rewards:
№14 Author: Lu (10 Feb 2011 20:12) Total user comments: 14794

Activity rewards:
№15 Author: DocMcCoy (11 Feb 2011 01:33) Total user comments: 6039

Activity rewards:
Repeat. I was wondering why Amtrak didn't stop there, now I know. Sad.
№16 Author: GhostChronos (11 Feb 2011 01:40) Total user comments: 2100

Activity rewards:
again? hmm
№17 Author: 2fuzzy (11 Feb 2011 16:42) Total user comments: 10400

Activity rewards:
Repeat post. Every city has vacant buildings... move on.
№18 Author: Ty Webb (14 Feb 2011 03:06) Total user comments: 6156

Activity rewards:
detroit was at one time the center of the car industry. Beleive it or not....Americans out produced any other car company in the world. Detroit was a place that by just saying the name of the city gave you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Then the Japanese, europeans and at last the Koreans came.....they all ate cake and then POOF michael moore starts filming police evicting people from their homes and the town fell apart. Not even their football team knows how to win. There must have been something in that cake damnit!!!

Same thing happened to Bethlehem steel and Mack trucks. Doh!
№19 Author: raymond.wendt (14 Feb 2011 04:27) Total user comments: 9111

Activity rewards:
there are lots of towns like this. we need to clean up and revive! Keep it ALIVE!
№20 Author: runMX (19 Jul 2013 02:08) Total user comments: 0

modern ruins ..... I can imagine future generations looking back at these ruins just as we look back at ancient civilizations and trying to picture how they lived. I always wondered if this would happen to our cities, I just didn't expect it so soon....
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