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Liv Boeree (46 pics)

Girls | 14 Dec, 2012 | Views: 33687 |  -61   |  

28-year-old Liv Boeree studied in Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Manchester, before moving to London at age 21. In 2010 Live won the 2010 European Poker Tour in San Remo. Since the beginning of her poker career she has won over $2,000,000. And she is also a very cute girl.

1 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

2 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

3 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

4 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

5 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

6 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

7 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

8 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

9 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

10 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

11 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

12 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

13 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

14 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

15 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

16 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

17 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

18 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

19 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

20 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

21 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

22 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

23 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

24 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

25 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

26 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

27 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

28 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

29 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

30 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

31 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

32 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

33 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

34 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

35 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

36 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

37 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

38 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

39 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

40 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

41 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

42 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

43 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

44 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

45 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

46 Liv Boeree (46 pics)

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№1 Author: No1 (14 Dec 2012 04:09) Total user comments: 1191

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So, in other words, she's not the woman you want to play strip poker against.
№2 Author: Migness (14 Dec 2012 04:47) Total user comments: 0

Yeah but she's unfortunately known on the circuit as one of the most up-herself players. Poker forums just seem to be full of how much of a bitch she is.
№3 Author: adzhoe (14 Dec 2012 05:17) Total user comments: 14614

Activity rewards:
never play her...
№4 Author: raymond.wendt (14 Dec 2012 05:20) Total user comments: 9111

Activity rewards:
i'm sure i could learn a few things from her.
№5 Author: Richard6789 (14 Dec 2012 05:27) Total user comments: 3

Activity rewards:
Meh. Not great. She has a chest as flat as an ironing board. Also, everyone knows how lucky she got to win San Remo. She even says in countless interviews herself how badly she played in that tournament yet admits that undeservedly she got so lucky. She played 72o UTG against AA and got lucky to crack them for her tourney life which is pretty much the worst move you can make in poker. She wasn't nominated for an EPT performance that year because her performance throughout was deemed as pretty bad play by experts.

She has nice hair though.
№6 Author: Anonymous 34262 (14 Dec 2012 05:54) Total user comments: 0

[b][/b]LOL. Have you met this girl in real life? She's pretty much the biggest douchebag you could meet. She's seriously irritating. She's the kind of person who loves the smell of her own farts.
№7 Author: Coolio (14 Dec 2012 06:09) Total user comments: 0

Sorry but never really liked her. She has mean girl attitude and is very arrogant and putss other people down.

Sorry for my bad English. is not my first language.
№8 Author: $exy$arah (14 Dec 2012 06:17) Total user comments: 0

Shes really up her own ass
№9 Author: Sveldsahng (14 Dec 2012 06:39) Total user comments: 167

Activity rewards:
№10 Author: Hal07 (14 Dec 2012 06:43) Total user comments: 0

She's alright looking. Not great but not ugly. I'm actually a man who prefers women with small boobs! Haha!

Never met her but I have friends who play poker and say that she's very annoying and douchey and condescending and very desperate to be a celebrity and be 'famous'. She'd pretty much do anything to be a z-list celeb.
№11 Author: quackers (14 Dec 2012 11:19) Total user comments: 4827

Activity rewards:
Cute and Rich fair play to you young Lady,.,.
№12 Author: Jimmy Johnson (14 Dec 2012 14:10) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
I didn't need college - Take that Mom and Dad!
№13 Author: Ed Helms (14 Dec 2012 16:30) Total user comments: 0

Meh. She looks a bit manly to me.
№14 Author: Boredatwork.bill (14 Dec 2012 17:04) Total user comments: 425

Activity rewards:
But like the 'Murphys', no-ones bitter 03
№15 Author: mahedi (14 Dec 2012 17:40) Total user comments: 10754

Activity rewards:
Lady with $2,000,000, cool
№16 Author: MUFC4life! (14 Dec 2012 17:40) Total user comments: 0

She's 28? Jesus Christ she looks like she's about 35-36. Must be the poker lifestyle.
№17 Author: Raj (14 Dec 2012 17:45) Total user comments: 0


She didn't get to keep all of her San Remo win. She said it Bluff magazine that she was staked for about 30-40% If I remember rightly so she got to keep only about $1,100,000 of it which about 600k.
№18 Author: Shay (14 Dec 2012 17:57) Total user comments: 1223

Activity rewards:
As fast as this post went negative and reading the comments I thought there has to be videos of why everyone doesn't like her...i thumbed through about 6 of them and didn't see anything other than a steal on some split or steal show, that makes her irritating.

Anyone know of a video I should watch?? I want to hate her too!!
№19 Author: nadia888 (14 Dec 2012 18:23) Total user comments: 0


Most people who post on her youtube videos don't play poker for a living and have never met her or play in tournaments with her so just post on her looks. She's not terrible looking and she's clearly bright but it's her absolute lack of humility and awareness of her own lack of skills which is why a lot of people dislike her. She doesn't have to be humble but by that same token, she can't complain when people dislike her for it. She berates and puts other people down at the table which just makes her obnixious. she's a decent enough player but not even close to the average standard of the people in the industry.

Anyone who knows even the slightest bit about playing poker knows how lucky she was to win San Remo. You of course always have to get lucky in a tournament to win any tournament. The most skilled player rarely wins because you still have to get lucky sometimes. Nothing you can do if you get all your money in with AA and get it cracked by some stupid player who plays 72 because the cards fall that way. That's what happened here. I recommend you watch the tournament footage of San Remo or at least look up the hand histories. She made continuous bad play after bad play and got lucky against skilled players time and time again.

There are so many beautiful female poker players who have won millions. Look up people like Vanessa Selbst or Vanessa Russo or Xuan Lui etc.. etc.. They're very humble and come across as very down to earth. I love seeing females do well in poker and I really want to like Liv but I just can't. She always says stuff in poker interviews like 'how weak her opponents are', how 'academically gifted she is more than other people' and 'how hot she is'. She basically has a very disproportionate and delusioned opinion of herself.

As Doyle Brunson, one of the greatest poker players once said - any monkey can win one live tournament but the sign of a good player is one that wins many.

If you look at places like 2+2 forum where people play this for a living and know all about her and interact with her, you'll get a more accurate picture.

For example, look at the really long thread on the 2+2 forum called: "Negreanu, Mercier, Selbst, Bouree, Seiver etc. The clique that's going to kill poker". It's from people who ACTUALLY play in the industry with her and thus know her.
№20 Author: n/a (14 Dec 2012 18:31) Total user comments: 0

Posh private school girl of average playing poker ability with slightly above-average looks for a girl who plays poker luckboxes her way to win one poker tournament out of the 200+ she's been playing every year for the last 7 years or so. Thousands of people win poker tournaments for 6 and 7 figures every week. Just read poker mags/news. Nothing to see here. She's alright looking but has a body like a 13 yr old boy.

Also, not to jump on the bandwagon but I met her at the PCA last year and she was really annoying and kind of douchey.
№21 Author: acidcowzer (14 Dec 2012 18:54) Total user comments: 0

Clicked on this as saw it come up on my twitterfeed. Ugh always found Boeree to be really irritating. She always comes across as such a d**k in all her interviews. Her and her boyfriend whos also a poker player did some z-list reality TV show a few weeks back and they came across terribly. They pretty much said "we're more amazing than everyone else" in not so many words.
№22 Author: Amarsonik (14 Dec 2012 19:33) Total user comments: 0

Livb's always been a spoilt entitled bitch. even before she watched san remo. just watch her video interviews from 2007 onwards.

Played a hand against her in LA once and saw her berate and scream at some old man who was just sitting quietly playing poker well just because he saw through a bluff she made and called her down. Thought it was pretty disgusting and unclassy. From reading these comments it appears that she has a habit of this kind of behaviour.
№23 Author: Lu (14 Dec 2012 20:14) Total user comments: 14793

Activity rewards:
Nice Cheetah.
№24 Author: Katya (14 Dec 2012 21:34) Total user comments: 0

Used to think she was alright at first. Then realized that she was pretty lame and boring.

Also, she looks like a man in drag in some of these pictures. Looks better when she's wearing no make-up. Don't get why so many girls these days do trashy photoshoots.

She also has the most irritating voice you'll ever hear.

Absolutely love Vicky Coren though!
№25 Author: johnny Reynoso (14 Dec 2012 22:08) Total user comments: 3712

Activity rewards:
12 defggr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHORT COMENTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
№26 Author: robn1 (15 Dec 2012 05:02) Total user comments: 767

Activity rewards:
Interesting thread. 12 12 12
№27 Author: YeahRight (15 Dec 2012 07:34) Total user comments: 1632

Activity rewards:
-10 Boeree...Texas Holdem...i wanna believe... 61 61 61 ...dayum!!!









№28 Author: mRBlobby (16 Dec 2012 17:41) Total user comments: 0

Liv Boeree? More like Liv Boring.
№29 Author: Tomaz86 (28 Sep 2014 16:38) Total user comments: 6763

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