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Girls of Iran (84 pics)

Girls | 23 Oct, 2012 | Views: 361176 |  -45   |  

It's hard to say where these photos where taken. These Iranian girls look different from what we would have ever imagined.

1 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

2 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

3 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

4 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

5 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

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23 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

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25 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

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27 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

28 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

29 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

30 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

31 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

32 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

33 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

34 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

35 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

36 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

37 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

38 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

39 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

40 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

41 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

42 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

43 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

44 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

45 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

46 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

47 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

48 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

49 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

50 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

51 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

52 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

53 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

54 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

55 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

56 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

57 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

58 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

59 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

60 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

61 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

62 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

63 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

64 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

65 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

66 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

67 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

68 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

69 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

70 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

71 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

72 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

73 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

74 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

75 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

76 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

77 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

78 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

79 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

80 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

81 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

82 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

83 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

84 Girls of Iran (84 pics)

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№1 Author: bowlervtec (23 Oct 2012 01:28) Total user comments: 1354

Activity rewards:
what the fuck is #28?????
№2 Author: Jimmy Johnson (23 Oct 2012 01:51) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
Ladies - If your hair color is the opposite of your natural color, you gotta maintain those roots.
№3 Author: doppleganger (23 Oct 2012 02:35) Total user comments: 96

Activity rewards:
believe it or not, these are the kind of people who don't want of ahmadinejad's regim anymore. that simply make sense, I'd say...
№4 Author: _HIM_ (23 Oct 2012 02:49) Total user comments: 266

Activity rewards:
Thats michael jacksons family
№5 Author: No1 (23 Oct 2012 04:27) Total user comments: 1191

Activity rewards:
So many look like transvestites.
№6 Author: miscellaneous (23 Oct 2012 04:37) Total user comments: 4179

Activity rewards:
I'm surprised alright.
№7 Author: Hypertension (23 Oct 2012 06:25) Total user comments: 1037

Activity rewards:
are you sure they're Iranian ?
since you did not give any source.
№8 Author: Big Pete (23 Oct 2012 08:21) Total user comments: 391

Activity rewards:
I ran away from these pics !! 13
№9 Author: Grunt Callahan (23 Oct 2012 08:39) Total user comments: 2003

Activity rewards:
Semi-attractive at best, way too much makeup and way too much plastic surgery.
№10 Author: x BiG GyM x (23 Oct 2012 10:12) Total user comments: 85

Activity rewards:
are botox and silicone free in iran?
№11 Author: Mickey Mouse (23 Oct 2012 10:37) Total user comments: 97

Activity rewards:
Warning! Kardashians overdose 20
№12 Author: fairmania (23 Oct 2012 12:20) Total user comments: 1411

Activity rewards:
I am now officially afraid!

What was that?!??!
№13 Author: evostars (23 Oct 2012 14:02) Total user comments: 167

Activity rewards:
29 isthe only one i liked, actualy I skipped the rest
№14 Author: Jockey straddler (23 Oct 2012 14:30) Total user comments: 610

Activity rewards:
Must be refugees or immigrants living somewhere else, otherwise they could have been stoned to death.
№15 Author: Skurupu (23 Oct 2012 15:07) Total user comments: 354

Activity rewards:
Nose jobs and skin whitening to look more western is done all over asia. Nothing new there.
№16 Author: velio70 (23 Oct 2012 15:49) Total user comments: 1351

Activity rewards:
and this is why those guys will fight to the death. Everyone else fights with the intention of going home to a nice piece of ass.
№17 Author: MrMaj81 (23 Oct 2012 16:52) Total user comments: 774

Activity rewards:
all look like plastic doll
№18 Author: peet (23 Oct 2012 17:04) Total user comments: 21

Activity rewards:
№19 Author: Shalaba (23 Oct 2012 19:25) Total user comments: 381

Activity rewards:
oh my, 28 is super scary 15
№20 Author: general (23 Oct 2012 19:26) Total user comments: 16

Activity rewards:
hmm ??
№21 Author: Ottzen (23 Oct 2012 19:32) Total user comments: 122

Activity rewards:
Some of them actually have a lot of potential, but sooo much make up ruins it imo, a shame though 15
№22 Author: Lu (23 Oct 2012 20:55) Total user comments: 14793

Activity rewards:
Ah well, after a few drinks even my mother in law is attractive. 03
№23 Author: shade (23 Oct 2012 21:04) Total user comments: 764

Activity rewards:
...and this is why the females of this origin need to be covered, ladies and gentlemen.
№24 Author: Shay (23 Oct 2012 22:21) Total user comments: 1223

Activity rewards:
All of that aside...what the hell is up with the eyebrows???
№25 Author: 1q2w3e4r (24 Oct 2012 01:33) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
ok.... believe me or not
they make only 10-15% of the girls in iran
i'm from iran so... i know.....

And who collects them have an Unfair judgement.
we are normal just like you are...and i don't know why someone try to say it back-word!!!
№26 Author: shewentwhoa (24 Oct 2012 05:59) Total user comments: 1308

Activity rewards:
Some of these have to be men...
№27 Author: adzhoe (9 Nov 2012 23:01) Total user comments: 14614

Activity rewards:
Money, privledge, A bit of freedom....Some are bound to go overboard with the "look" they are seeking. that happens everywhere.
№28 Author: ChrisMeth (15 Nov 2012 21:43) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
Now I understand why Iran's regime is so up-tight.. If you're woman look like this I would be killing the people in my country too

It would be good if every IRAN girl has to wear BURKA's
№29 Author: IranianGirl (4 May 2013 12:53) Total user comments: 0

I'm an Iranian girl and must say that these pictures SCARED THE HELL OUTTA ME!! These women look more like transgenders... I've seldom encountered Iranian girls looking like that... it's unfortunate whoever put up these pictures wanted to give the impression that all Iranian girls look like that... seems like they've all got their noses done at one place. The only ones that looked normal to me where #21 and #40.
№30 Author: An Iranian man (4 May 2013 21:04) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
Hi everyone, and No.29 author is completely right because in iranian society ,you can see ladies like these pictures rarely, may be maximum of 0.01 percent of girls society but they are!!
№31 Author: irani (24 May 2013 01:27) Total user comments: 0

i realy want to ask a question of the collector and all you guys who write you opinion.
are you compeled to judge us? with only 80 or 90 pics?
let me tell you, many of those in pictures are seeking money, look at there unatural eyes and nose and makeup and dress. do you think iranian girls are unemployed and walk in streets like this? you dont have real Viewpoint of iran so some of you say these girls are real iranian girls and some other say..... actually they live betwen us but they are a percent of us like yours, and burka is not iranian. it seems politics has made your brains in the way politicians desires. some of these pictures are from facebook, i know. an email had been sent to me explained about these pictures.
№32 Author: Rando M. (27 May 2013 11:40) Total user comments: 0

People should be permitted to do whatever they want with their bodies but the truth is that most people with healthy self images are not compelled to modify their bodies with plastic surgery. I would bet money that most of these women were better looking before they went under the knife. Iran is within the cradle of civilization: of course you look okay as you are! Yours is a political problem that is not fixed by looking like Janet Jackson. Keep your lovely Persian noses!
№33 Author: yasirkajak (27 May 2013 20:56) Total user comments: 401

Activity rewards:
№34 Author: Forfattare (27 May 2013 23:46) Total user comments: 896

Activity rewards:
someone just found make up, and has no idea of how to use it
№35 Author: StephenMcFollen (10 Jul 2013 06:17) Total user comments: 0

What the hell are these pics?!! Yuck!

Absolutely unfair about Iranian girls! These bitches are from nowhere!

I'm quite sure Iranian girls ain't like that!
№36 Author: m_p (21 Jul 2013 21:20) Total user comments: 0

Some of them are not even living in Iran.
Cmon you judge about all Iranian girls by seeing these photos ?
There are people who changes their faces completely with PS and make up everywhere in the world.
№37 Author: Randy P (5 Oct 2013 20:32) Total user comments: 0

Man those were some of the ugliest women I've ever seen. Spray on tans, way to much makeup. Fake boobs OMG Ladies. now I work with some women from Iran all beautiful without all that work done naturally beautiful why would they mess with that. I see those women at work everyday so I thought lets see what other women from there look like and wow how disappointing.
№38 Author: Iranian Guy (10 Oct 2013 01:44) Total user comments: 0

Picture #28 is most probably not Human :D

Yes.... I'm Iranian too , but I've never see them before
Of course they are Iranian but these people are the bitches like many other bitches in other Countries!
Simple ;)

But believe me , if there wasn't religious pressure here , girls would not do these ugly things
№39 Author: parisa (10 Oct 2013 03:10) Total user comments: 0

I`m iranian I tell you This post is 100% true. you think all of iranian girl & iranian women have hejab and wear chador but this is false.
№40 Author: hoomy (15 Oct 2013 11:13) Total user comments: 0

They all looks like plastic girls, believe me or not , normal people in iran are not like them. people in iran live normaly and doesn,t need these kind of make up, and iranian girls are beautifull inside and outside and have great souls that makes them free of such these make ups. Iranian girls have love inside their hearts and even with no makeeup, they shine like diamonds. I LOVE MY COUNTRY AND ALL GIRLS AND BOYS . AND WISH THEM TO HAVE LIGHT IN THEIR HEARTS....* LIGHT BE WITH YOU* KISSES TO ALL IRANIAN GIRLS...
№41 Author: iranii girl (2 Nov 2013 15:38) Total user comments: 0

iranian girls are beoutifull there not ture
№42 Author: James (3 Nov 2013 13:24) Total user comments: 0

Somebody please give these gorls a lesson on make-up. They are pretty its true but they look liike ladyboys!
№43 Author: The boy ! (16 Nov 2013 01:14) Total user comments: 0

Actually I live in Iran I Will be happy to informed all of the visitor " Yes they are Iranian girls BUT you can find a same this rarely in my country of the other hand they are just Dirty girls , also Iran has the pretest girl in the world but you can not see them here , You know I am be honest with you .
№44 Author: nahid (25 Nov 2013 10:01) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
wanna marry any of them
№45 Author: faithful (25 Nov 2013 13:54) Total user comments: 0

100% All are Iranian
but they surely don't represent Iranian girl since they all have an artificial and disgusting make up and surgery. funny point is that all faces are pretty much similar to each other. seems the doctor who did the surgery is the same.
№46 Author: AmirGTR (29 Nov 2013 04:45) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
Yup. Iranian.

I'm Iranian and lived there for 12 years. I think I actually know a few of these girls. I'd say this is a pretty good presentation of girls in urban areas of Iran. Overly stylized, pursuing perfection at any cost. Cartoon-like, almost. A lot like Japanese girls, actually.

Most people think they become like this when they leave Iran, since they didn't get to do it there. Wrong. It's the opposite; usually they have to tone it down a few notches, because unlike Iran, this style is not fashionable in other countries.

Keep in mind these aren't all good looking to our standards. More than half of them are ugly as hell. A few of them are pretty hot. Let's see...10, 49, 72. The rest are just 'doing their best', and, understandably so. Together they all probably average out to a 4/10.

Trans genders are also common. But don't worry, you'll never see a girl with a dick. Even if she was a he at some point. It's not like the west. They go all the way with it. Since according to our government homosexuality is placebo and a myth, if you're a guy and you want to fuck another guy, you gotta become a girl. Say goodbye to the lil homie cause that's the only choice you got.

And about number 28. That's a pathetic attempt at using Photoshop. Also very common among Iranian girls. lol.
№47 Author: zay howard (8 Dec 2013 23:32) Total user comments: 0

yes, they are Iranian girls, those photo's with headscarf like number 35, 72 and 75 shows how Iranian girl's dress out, see this photo's as well:

hope this photo's helps for anyone who is curious about what to wear in Iran
№48 Author: AN IRANI (9 Dec 2013 16:38) Total user comments: 0

I swear to god there are some of these whores! in each city of iran,
but normal people never do such things (fucking their faces with makeup & plastic shit!)
I am ashamed now that I'm one of 75 milions of fools(persians) who do everything just to proove they're free!!!
believe me not all the people here ain't like these assholes!
these guys think that they can reach they're freedom by being a WHORE because the government actually don't let people have sex with anyone!
and there's a bullshit law saying you can only have sex with your spouse!
I don't agree with that,because there may be someone who does'nt want to get married.....
anyways these are just whores but we have good ladies too.if you look at them you shall see that they are normal just like any women in any other country.
and the last word:
don't consider all persians like this!we are not sex hungry people!we have some,but not everyone is sex hungry.actually there are just a few people who want but cant have sex """""

there are persians yes but no one look like them in iran.they are bitches ,Crack biiiiitttchches! there are few of them in every city like our friend AN IRANI said.
but there are lots of em in TEHRAN.because they come from other cities and think "it's tehran,lets be free!" because they have no relatives in tehran,they don't think that they can be revealed to their family and think that they can do fact,sex is a dream for many people in iran,because thanks to fucked Islam,we can't have sex before get married,and not only the governors but people themselves,prevent their teen kids from having sex.
and it helps them become a whore ,gay,lesbian,.......
№49 Author: befair (6 Feb 2014 07:19) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
You would not represent the whole US population by few pictures would you?

There are worse pictures of US women and girls available. But this is not the whole population.

I wonder who put these pictures on top of Google search Engine?

I guess only a perverted mind is capable of doing it!
Very respectfully to the rest of you!
№50 Author: kazem (23 Feb 2014 13:04) Total user comments: 0

most of iranan girls is like these picturs. and theres no any way for chosing ...
№51 Author: persia (21 Mar 2014 10:23) Total user comments: 0

hi all!! waz great... im persian and i should tell you that all of them are iranian..i see some people do not blieve in the way they are not refugees and they live in iran and my girlfriend is just lik #20
№52 Author: mpxp (17 Apr 2014 14:15) Total user comments: 0

if this girls live in iran then wear the hell i am
№53 Author: men (5 Dec 2014 13:51) Total user comments: 0

They are not ordinary people . I'm living in Iran but as an immigrant.
№54 Author: rasa (23 Dec 2014 20:36) Total user comments: 0

hi iam iranian boy from mashhad . mashhad is a religion city in iran but if you belive or not we all are free to do what ever we want except politics maters
№55 Author: Iranian boy (25 Dec 2014 21:14) Total user comments: 0

It isnot true iranian girs are so beautiful without make her up
This pics are about hot girls in iran and many of them are not iranian girl if you want see them type this to google



And another thing dont believe any news about iran
Iranian are very smartand beauty in the world just you search in nasa and see how many of them are from iran and they have just one problem and this is that they are very veryvery happy and most of them life are spend for rest and fun and workless
If they work like the japan the world be themselvs

search in google

Or search
Dokhtaran ziba irany
Zanan ziba irani
№56 Author: milad21 (30 Dec 2014 17:41) Total user comments: 0

i'm gonna tell that these bitches that the collector collected them are the ugliest persian girls, even I myself as an iranian I havent seen such zombies here,I wonder the collector was collecting the hottest or ugliest!
№57 Author: Lewis (9 Jan 2015 17:33) Total user comments: 0

OMG!!!! Are they thinking that they are beautiful or sexy? artificial girls! Dolls!
№58 Author: a girl! (4 Mar 2015 12:48) Total user comments: 0

Ok, I'm a persian (iranian) girl,and i'm not looking like those bitches!!! yes,most of pictures are iranian girls,but most of them are bitches not normal girls... persian girls are beautiful, no need to prove it,but why you collect THESE pictures?!
№59 Author: ZenCow (6 Apr 2015 03:54) Total user comments: 0

Aren't they guys?
Your name: