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Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

Girls | 12 Oct, 2011 | Views: 505607 |  +69   |  

1 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

2 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

3 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

4 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

5 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

6 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

7 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

8 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

9 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

10 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

11 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

12 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

13 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

14 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

15 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

16 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

17 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

18 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

19 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

20 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

21 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

22 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

23 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

24 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

25 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

26 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

27 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

28 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

29 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

30 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

31 Sexy Native Americans (31 pics)

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№1 Author: kuban (12 Oct 2011 01:27) Total user comments: 17

Activity rewards:
just a few mestizas and bunch of white ones
can't see any native ams .. whatever
№2 Author: raymond.wendt (12 Oct 2011 01:31) Total user comments: 9111

Activity rewards:
Paris Hilton is Native American? Hey, whatever role she wants to play... I'm good with it. 04
№3 Author: DocMcCoy (12 Oct 2011 01:53) Total user comments: 6039

Activity rewards:
Some nice pre Halloween shots, that's all. 25
№4 Author: miscellaneous (12 Oct 2011 02:26) Total user comments: 4179

Activity rewards:
loosely worded title but...still quite that ass on Selena spice... 29
№5 Author: phredd (12 Oct 2011 02:52) Total user comments: 18

Activity rewards:
Pure blood Native Americans don't have a shapely butt, they are flat.
№6 Author: TinklingMonkey (12 Oct 2011 03:04) Total user comments: 684

Activity rewards:
they love anal sex too
№7 Author: YeahRight (12 Oct 2011 03:29) Total user comments: 1632

Activity rewards:
This was great until fucking peris hilton....WTF>>>???
№8 Author: nadheer77 (12 Oct 2011 04:39) Total user comments: 236

Activity rewards:
№9 Author: synyster616 (12 Oct 2011 06:23) Total user comments: 373

Activity rewards:
#9 is just this post fails with the native american part
№10 Author: joe_smoothee (12 Oct 2011 13:17) Total user comments: 363

Activity rewards:
I always wanted to see if red indians are hot tbh, this was gna be so good, girls are still amazing in this post though
№11 Author: SheepsInn (12 Oct 2011 15:14) Total user comments: 909

Activity rewards:
08 not even close
№12 Author: micliapu (12 Oct 2011 15:49) Total user comments: 2974

Activity rewards:
cute bitc*es 70
№13 Author: agentsoforange (12 Oct 2011 20:33) Total user comments: 153

Activity rewards:
Notice how many Americans claim they're decendants of Native Americans.
Those Natives must have been getting themselves around a fair bit in between getting slaughtered.
№14 Author: Eduard666 (13 Oct 2011 00:02) Total user comments: 51

Activity rewards:
Gisele Buntchen as a native american? ...Seems legit.
№15 Author: Shadoglare (13 Oct 2011 02:48) Total user comments: 480

Activity rewards:
Wow, I'm not sure if I should be really turned on, or really offended...
№16 Author: quackers (13 Oct 2011 15:27) Total user comments: 4827

Activity rewards:
Who cares Native or not did you see the Ass on the Lady in picture 9 31
№17 Author: Hornsman (14 Oct 2011 00:49) Total user comments: 62

Activity rewards:
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 10 13 beautiful
№18 Author: Governator (18 Oct 2011 10:45) Total user comments: 653

Activity rewards:
did you know that american indians get2000 a month from the government ..just for restitution , and once a year they get a big fat check also for all the wrongs done to them and whatnot, I'm not saying they dont have it coming, and Im not saying it is right, , I'm just stating a fact that I recently learned about. As it turns out , this free money is destroying them because the young ones dont have to work towards anything, and all it is doing is further deteriorating their culture due to their own customs where the young males have the right to do what they choose.....go figure 13

But damn, those girls ar hottttt!!!!
№19 Author: khannibal (20 Oct 2011 09:07) Total user comments: 4711

Activity rewards:
30 30 30
№20 Author: narracherokee (24 Oct 2011 23:13) Total user comments: 2

Activity rewards:
I must say that this has to be one of the most racist things I have ever seen. I have a good deal of Native American blood. Two full blood grandmothers and a half blooded grandfather........ First of all who told the Governator that Native Americans recieve thousands of dollars monthly and yearly?? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! That should be the case but it is not.... On the whole Native Americans are pretty much living below the poverty level unless you leave the Reservation, both sides of my family did: and seek out jobs and education for yourself and your future generations. The only exception here is a tribe with a Casnio and most of these tribes are the one's that are able to educate the younger generations in the traditional ways.
One of the last of the great chiefs known by name.... Red Cloud.... look at his great, great Grandchildern, living on Pine Ridge reservaion...... There is no Thousands of dollars a month! That is the poorest place in the whole damn country!!!!
I just love how people on here can generalize based on stupid things that someone once told them or that people just decide for themselves.
How many of you on here have ever been to Pow Wow? How many of you have ever read TRUE Native American history? How many of you have set and talked to a Tribal elder whose native tounge was their first lanmguage and english was their second??????? Besides myself I seriously doubt any.... If so I would be surprised.... The comments about flat asses and the women loving anal sex..... you wish!!!
I suppose you think all natives live in TeePee's too..... wrong again, depends on the region! I bet everyone on here also believes in the bullshit myth of the first Thanksgiving too........ WRONG..... All native American look at it as a day of Rememberance.......
If you want to really know something read up on any of these subjects:"The trail of Tears", The Great Swamp Massacre of the Narragensett Tribe" "bury my Heart at Wounded Knee" On and on........ Go to any tribes website and read thr individual histories!

Hundreds of tribes were here, ALL Shades, All hair textures, All shapes and sizes, with many different languages!
The Encyclopedia of Native Tribes of North America.......
Antone who lives here should know what took place here and what Racial injustice takes place every day in this counrty!!!!!!!
It's so funny even going way back to Europe.... everyone lived in "tribes"
№21 Author: makarrao (25 Oct 2011 17:44) Total user comments: 242

Activity rewards:
#9 best angle
№22 Author: Governator (28 Oct 2011 15:22) Total user comments: 653

Activity rewards:
narracherokee,It was wrong for me to generalize, but I am not wrong about the fact that a tribe here in california does get that kind of money, it might be from gambling, it may be from resources on their land,but it's true, and I'm sorry that not all indians get money like that,they certainly deserve it, but you are much too bitter. Reality is , much of what happened was in the past and the world stops for no one.Those with power and influence create the situation for every major thing that takes place in this world.This country is designed to attract people that are hungry for riches, to attract people that are willing to leave their families and friends and everything they cared for in order to come here to make money.Oh I know the pamphlets say that people come here for freedom and equality, etc.. but that's just the glitter on the package, ultimately they are all here for the opportunity to MAKE MONEY. That is a mentality or the type of individuals that it takes to make it in this country.Do you not see how that would be in complete conflict with the mentality of the locals(american Indian) and how it was all destined to be the way it was.
№23 Author: narracherokee (18 Nov 2011 01:44) Total user comments: 2

Activity rewards:
Way too Bitter..... I think not..... I appreciate you admitting that you should not have generalized. Thank you! But with a bullshit holiday called Thanksgiving right around the corner. No person who has no actually BLOOD TIES to this country should never judge my or any othe Navtive Americans bittereness.... Actually if we were bitter no one else would be here but us. Actually, we helped the starving orignal "ILLEGAL ALIENS" who came here and were thanked with disease and turmoil...... Oh I am aware that is was inevtitable... Too true and too sad.... The sddest of all is that taxes go to helping every other counrty but the Native's , ecspecially those living in their traditional way are the worse off of all.......
№24 Author: YeahRight (21 Nov 2011 02:07) Total user comments: 1632

Activity rewards:





№25 Author: adzhoe (5 Jan 2012 01:45) Total user comments: 14632

Activity rewards:
nice...politicing aside!
№26 Author: cry3tearz (25 Aug 2012 08:26) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
Im a native male and alot of what ppl say here is offensive.. I never get some 2000 dollars from the white government or a so called big check every year..and i get along extreamly good without it.. I have a pure native girlfriend and her ass is not at all flat lol we both been in movies and she models also..we were in Dream Keeper and Bury my heart at wounded knee.. I was going to be in the windtalkers cast but family problems caused problems...
№27 Author: prakesh thodkar (28 Nov 2012 13:33) Total user comments: 39

Activity rewards:
pics 10 is sexy 04 29 27 37 38
№28 Author: YEHUDI (20 Oct 2013 22:48) Total user comments: 0


№29 Author: A (2 Mar 2014 16:19) Total user comments: 0

Who's the girl in 1 and 31 ??
№30 Author: anahuac assassin (30 Jun 2014 06:36) Total user comments: 0

number 31 is karla spice

number 31 is karla spice. also most of these women are either part native america or not at all. kara is and selena is. and 21 for sure.
№31 Author: this-article-sucks (22 Sep 2014 03:46) Total user comments: 0

just a bunch of white chicks in racistly stereotypical native garb, what was i expecting from a raggedy-ass website called "acid cow"? pathetic, this site is like the jerry springer of list sites: still technically a talk show, but so full of trash and run by talentless losers with horse shit for personalities i actually lost IQ points by looking at it. do society a favor, take this site down and stick your head in a deep fryer
№32 Author: jap (12 Nov 2014 11:55) Total user comments: 0

injustice is injustice irreguardless who the victims are. Ithank God for the day when he will come and set the record straight.
№33 Author: ironman (16 Jan 2015 06:17) Total user comments: 0

I think these native chicks r hot..if u racist cant tell the difference between man and women than your born an ass..we need native americans chicks more thinking like an punk n get on with the real world.
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