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Rowan Atkinson's Daughter (8 pics)

Celebs | 21 Nov, 2011 | Views: 97915 |  +36   |  

Rowan 'Mister Bean' Atkinson's Daughter looks more like her mom. Good for her.

1 Rowan Atkinson's Daughter (8 pics)

2 Rowan Atkinson's Daughter (8 pics)

3 Rowan Atkinson's Daughter (8 pics)

4 Rowan Atkinson's Daughter (8 pics)

5 Rowan Atkinson's Daughter (8 pics)

6 Rowan Atkinson's Daughter (8 pics)

7 Rowan Atkinson's Daughter (8 pics)

8 Rowan Atkinson's Daughter (8 pics)

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№1 Author: micliapu (21 Nov 2011 02:29) Total user comments: 2974

Activity rewards:
very cute
№2 Author: Slugsie (21 Nov 2011 02:50) Total user comments: 1257

Activity rewards:
I thought Rowan Atkinson was quite well off. But it seems that he can't afford to buy his daughter a brush.
№3 Author: plaidpancake (21 Nov 2011 04:20) Total user comments: 2466

Activity rewards:
she's cute at some angles
№4 Author: Amateur_fishing (21 Nov 2011 04:49) Total user comments: 8

Activity rewards:
She's so hot!
№5 Author: Batman (21 Nov 2011 05:08) Total user comments: 591

Activity rewards:
looks more like Robert Smith without makeup
№6 Author: asep.gelo (21 Nov 2011 05:30) Total user comments: 146

Activity rewards:
seems totally different from her dad. 51
№7 Author: miscellaneous (21 Nov 2011 07:26) Total user comments: 4179

Activity rewards:
AAAAAGH! ...... that last pic was un-called for
№8 Author: Warzazat (21 Nov 2011 10:55) Total user comments: 164

Activity rewards:
make up does magic but she could have brushed her hair.
№9 Author: quackers (21 Nov 2011 11:45) Total user comments: 4827

Activity rewards:
Looks like Lady luck was on her side,.,.,.

Sorry no offence Rowan you were a legd in the Blackadder 04 04 ,.,.
№10 Author: Trifecta69 (21 Nov 2011 13:19) Total user comments: 1086

Activity rewards:
sup with her hair 07
№11 Author: Jinxaruny (21 Nov 2011 13:32) Total user comments: 10324

Activity rewards:
A brush really isn't that expensive... But if you can't find one sweetie, at least use your fingers... That looks terrible!
№12 Author: mee (21 Nov 2011 13:48) Total user comments: 374

Activity rewards:
bad hair day, huh? 03
№13 Author: xero (21 Nov 2011 15:07) Total user comments: 133

Activity rewards:
Her hair is horrible, and she's wearing a garbage bag. Is she doing her best to be ugly?
№14 Author: Scoobs (21 Nov 2011 15:13) Total user comments: 1609

Activity rewards:
messy jessy

messy jessy

messy jessy
№15 Author: Lu (21 Nov 2011 20:19) Total user comments: 14800

Activity rewards:
Yep, she really need a few tips from the women, otherwise she's gonna look like the last pic in no time.
№16 Author: cacristin (22 Nov 2011 00:21) Total user comments: 168

Activity rewards:
she is hot, but what the hell is with that hair?
№17 Author: Jockey straddler (22 Nov 2011 11:22) Total user comments: 612

Activity rewards:
I confess seeing for the first time Mr Bean looking serious and...eer.. ahem.. behaving like a grown up person.. 06
№18 Author: adzhoe (23 Nov 2011 00:29) Total user comments: 14618

Activity rewards:
№19 Author: eatmycrum (5 Dec 2011 10:15) Total user comments: 46

Activity rewards:
she looks like shes been raped
№20 Author: Kerenza (8 Jul 2013 22:03) Total user comments: 0


It doesn't matter about her hair ok! Looks are not everything.
She looks like a really nice person. Personality counts more than looks.

This is cyber-bullying ok. I don't care if she is famous , that does not give you the right to be spiteful towards her. Celebrities have computers , she can look at this page ya know. Over 5000 teenagers commit scuicide in the UK every year due to cyber bullying.

The Atkinson's are a lovely family , they are modest and humble and the kindest people you could ever know.

So STFU about her hair and think before you type.
№21 Author: Kerenza (9 Jul 2013 18:07) Total user comments: 0

This is cyber bullying what people are saying here. Looks are not everything , she probably is a sweet and kind girl.

The Atkinson family are lovely people , they are not lazy , they look after themselves , they don't have servants. They are just ordinary acting people.

Rowan has not one ounce of celeb personality in him.

Lily probably has a computer , how would you feel if you went to the computer and people were saying this about YOU? or YOUR DAUGHTER?

Think before you act and think before you speak.
№22 Author: jesh (21 Apr 2014 01:59) Total user comments: 0

Kerenza is right! I totally agree with what he/she said.

I wonder why a lot of people focus on the bad things. There is a lot more about her that we do not know and I bet she would be happier if you knew about them, but some things just have to be kept secret.

Just because her hair looks like that, doesn't mean she doesn't have a hair brush!
Whatever happened to her hair, she must have a reason for it.

Thanks a lot for your precious time!!!
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