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Category: Cars | 24 Aug, 2009 | Views: 6354 |  -12   |      
The owner of this beautiful Audi R8 from Russia decided that he wants to have a new car.
But you know, it's financial crisis and those cars cost a fortune.
But this guy has found the way to have a BMW instead of Audi.
Now he has BMW 850i instead of Audi R8. Take a look :))

Audi or BMW?  (3 pics)

Category: Cars | 19 Aug, 2009 | Views: 11442 |  +8   |      
Those photos were provided by DEA.
You can see how drug smugglers use their cars to smuggle cocaine.
Some of those were rebuilt to hide the drugs as good as possible.

How to hide cocaine in the cars? (14 pics)

Category: Cars | 19 Aug, 2009 | Views: 2305 |  +3   |      
Hair-pulling is mostly male-dominated sport in China, but this time a woman decided to try it too.
And she has not only tried, but has set a record as the first woman who successfully pulled six cars over 50 meters with her hair.
Great achievement!

Woman pulls six cars with her hair (6 pics)

Category: Cars | 18 Aug, 2009 | Views: 5936 |  +3   |      
This accident happened back in 2006.
The insurance company covered the cost of repairing.

How to wreck a Lotus Elise (21 pics)

Category: Cars | 17 Aug, 2009 | Views: 7029 |  +8   |      
11-year-old Paige was sitting in the car in north Wales and listening to music, when she accidentally knocked the handbrake off.
The girl jumped out of a car just before it rolled off a cliff.
Lucky girl!

An 11-year-old girl who cheated death (3 pics)

Category: Cars | 10 Aug, 2009 | Views: 3756 |  +5   |      
Not so long ago I showed you how the people in Honduras were destroing police cars.
Now it seems that it became a common practice there ))
But guy looks happy. Everything's fine )

Honduras Riots. Part 2(4 pics)

Category: Cars | 7 Aug, 2009 | Views: 5959 |  +9   |      
Normally, it's hit and run situation.
But this guy was too drunk to run, so he just fall asleep.
Cops woke him up.

Hit and sleep (10 pics)

Category: Cars | 7 Aug, 2009 | Views: 3689 |  +7   |      
Somebody has a very bad taste.
Is it a piece of iron fence they used to customize this car? Sweet :)))

Strange Russian car found on the streets of Bulgaria  (3 pics)

Category: Cars | 29 Jul, 2009 | Views: 5804 |  +11   |      
Take a look at the second picture

The best Maserati Garage (2 pics + video)

Category: Cars | 27 Jul, 2009 | Views: 6129 |  +7   |      
I would say it's the best small Ferrari I'd ever seen.

Category: Cars | 24 Jul, 2009 | Views: 4194 |  +10   |      
City of Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Girl managed to park inside a drug store.
Nobody was wounded.

Russian girl parked in a drug store (3 pics)

Category: Cars | 24 Jul, 2009 | Views: 4143 |  +6   |      

Category: Cars | 24 Jul, 2009 | Views: 4110 |  +5   |      
Japanese have many strange trends and Itasha is anything, but one more such a thing.
Can you imagine what happened with a car, whose owner is obsessed with manga, anime and video games at the same time? If not, take a look after the jump ))

Itasha - new Japanese obsession (16 pics)

Category: Cars | 23 Jul, 2009 | Views: 2859 |  0   |      
The 4th annual Maker Faire, an event organized by Make Magazine, recently took place in California.
People could see different DIY creations there and one of the most spectacular was Mercedes Pens - a car (actually Mercedes) covered with 10.000 pens!
Yeah, such a custom car you'll never see in everyday life! ))

Mercedes Pens (26 pics)

Category: Cars | 23 Jul, 2009 | Views: 6680 |  0   |      
Are you sweating underneath?
This problem can be easily solved.
Just built a fan in your seat!
See the other pictures after the jump.

DIY ventilation for car seats  (15 pics)

Category: Cars | 22 Jul, 2009 | Views: 3416 |  -5   |      
It looks very good. I hope it also rides as good

Category: Cars | 22 Jul, 2009 | Views: 5489 |  +2   |      
15 crazy Russians could fit in this small Russian Oka car.

Category: Cars | 20 Jul, 2009 | Views: 5123 |  0   |      
Yesterday Formula One demo races took place in Moscow, but event started one hour later because of a car accident. Rare Bugatti EB110 swerved to the side and crashed into a fence. The driver and the passenger were not injured, but the car was seriously damaged. The reasons of the accident are still unknown.

Bugatti crash during Formula One in Moscow (8 pics)

Category: Cars | 17 Jul, 2009 | Views: 3793 |  +3   |      
Somewhere in Hungary.
Almost a flawless victory.

Hummer vs Street Railway (16 pics)

Category: Cars | 17 Jul, 2009 | Views: 5102 |  +5   |      
Yesterday both sides of I-75 freeway near Detroit were closed after a gasoline tanker exploded Wednesday night.
The tanker carrying 9000 gallons of gasoline got tangled up with another semi truck (tractor-trailer), then overturned on the bridge and exploded.
All of this resulted in huge fire, thick black smoke and the bridge collapse.
Fortunately, no nobody was seriously injured.

Gasoline tanker explosion collapsed a bridge  (42 pics)

Category: Cars | 16 Jul, 2009 | Views: 5268 |  +9   |      
Some people just love to store their trash in the cars. Awful.

Category: Cars | 16 Jul, 2009 | Views: 5314 |  +4   |      
No one knows how, but three 19-year-old guys managed to get keys to this 2010 Mustang GT and arranged a test drive. Needless to say, they destroyed it completely… None of three teens were wearing seat belts, so I think it’s a miracle that all of them survived the crash.

Mustang GT completely destroyed (5 pics)

Category: Cars | 15 Jul, 2009 | Views: 3603 |  +7   |      
Unfortunately, there are no Volkswagen robots in Transformers 2 movie, but it couldn’t stop one Chinese mall from building a home-made VW Passat Transformer.
It stands in Beijing in front of a recently opened movie theater as a promotion tool. Looks cool! ))

Home-made VW Passat Transformer found in Beijing (12 pics)

Category: Cars | 13 Jul, 2009 | Views: 5319 |  +8   |      
This unique car is selling on eBay right now. It is a 1962 Dodge Dart, which was converted into a limo wagon. Believe it or not, but this car is sad to be originally created fot the Vatican, but then was sent to a catholic church in Kentucky, where it spent it’s life. The body of the car looks not so good, but under the hood there are modern V10 engine and T56 six-speed manual transmission. Current bid on eBay: $2,000

Nunrunner - unique 1962 Dodge Dart limowagon (15 pics)

Category: Cars | 13 Jul, 2009 | Views: 4667 |  +4   |      
God, I just can’t imagine neither how the driver of this VW Passat (actually it’s a woman) managed to jump up 20 feet to land on the concrete wall nor how she will explain such a stupid situation to her insurance company))

Stupid car accident (5 pics)

Category: Cars | 9 Jul, 2009 | Views: 24938 |  +1   |      

Category: Cars | 8 Jul, 2009 | Views: 6895 |  +9   |      
Terrible crashes. Don't worry there are no dead bodies, but the pics are horrible anyway.

Category: Cars | 8 Jul, 2009 | Views: 6608 |  -9   |      
WTF? Red Hummer? Anyway it is not a Hummer anymore

Modified Hummer H1  (19 pics)

Category: Cars | 7 Jul, 2009 | Views: 2459 |  +5   |      
Those children nowadays :)

Category: Cars | 3 Jul, 2009 | Views: 10087 |  +4   |      
We've seen a lot of custom cars already. You can check all of them in our "Cars" section.
But this one is different. It is a modified Ford Focus. Get it? Why would anybody do something like this with Ford Focus?
On the other hand this car has arab plates and those guys do some crazy things with their cars.
Personally, I like more the white gold Mercedes.
But probably it's just a new hero from the new Transformers movie. Focusimus or Fordimus :)

Modified Ford Focus  (8 pics)

Category: Cars | 3 Jul, 2009 | Views: 2633 |  -11   |      

Strange car in China (4 pics)

Category: Cars | 29 Jun, 2009 | Views: 8194 |  +7   |      
Bugatti Stratos is not an average concept car. It's something really special and totally mind-blowing. French designer Bruno Delussu, who created these renders, was inspired by legendary cars such as the Bugatti Type 57, Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Mille Miglia and locomotive designs by Raymond Loewy. Classy!
More pictures after the jump.

Stunning Bugatti Stratos (12 pics)

Category: Cars | 29 Jun, 2009 | Views: 7741 |  +7   |      
OMG, what's this? Car and motorcycle mash-up? This motorcycle sidecar dubbed “Snaefell” was created by Francois Knorreck. He literally attached full-sized car (that consists of several different vehicles) to his Laverda motorcycle. He spent more than 10 years and about 15000 Euros to complete this work. Good job!

Motorcycle sidecar by Francois Knorreck (7 pics)

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