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Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

Cars | 13 May, 2009 | Views: 74326 |  +12   |  

These people are coping every single thing. Now they copied these well known cars and selling them for 1/3 the price.

1 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

2 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

3 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

4 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

5 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

6 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

7 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

8 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

9 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

10 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

11 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

12 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

13 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

14 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

15 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

16 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

17 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

18 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

19 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

20 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

21 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

22 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

23 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

24 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

25 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

26 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

27 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

28 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

29 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

30 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

31 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

32 Fake Chinese Car Brands (32 pics)

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№1 Author: new_man (16 May 2009 12:17) Total user comments: 0

that's why i hate chinese people. why they don't build something with their own idea?
№2 Author: inan (25 May 2009 09:40) Total user comments: 0


yes, all chines people are inherently bad people with no creativity...
please note the sarcasm

The Chinese government does not have the same developed intellectual property rights as the US and Europe. People can easily and legally copy anything they want.
It creates work for a portion of their population of over 1.3 billion people

If we didn't have the laws protecting patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc then it would all happen here too
№3 Author: davey (17 Jun 2009 00:12) Total user comments: 0

LOL. Fucking Chinks.

How can I buy a RIICH? That looks absolutely glorious and awesome! Why buy the "real" thing when a copy is just as lovely, and affordable?

new man i suspect you're an incredibly ignorant and uneducated person if you draw conclusions about an entire race just because of some pictures of cars you see on a random website. Several of the cars above are produced under lisence from the original manufacturers, and as for having cars that look similar to other companies cars, do you hate all americans because a Ford F-150 looks like a Dodge Ram?

Having said that the 1st 3 are pretty funny.
№4 Author: earl (18 Jun 2009 11:29) Total user comments: 0

Consider that for a large portion of automobile history, the Chinese imported most of their vehicles from high-quality foreign brands. People are reluctant to purchase exclusively Chinese cars because of the lack of familiarity and brand loyalty that they have for foreign cars, and because Chinese cars are built like toys.

The cheap knock-offs are designed to fool the average buyer into buying from the struggling Chinese brands.
№5 Author: Albert (2 Jul 2009 20:37) Total user comments: 0

you know, they might copy the US in cars... but I'm willing to bet you that the copies get better mpg.
№6 Author: solale (17 Jul 2009 20:43) Total user comments: 58

Activity rewards:
wow, is that piracy or what???
№7 Author: Ty Webb (19 Jul 2009 19:07) Total user comments: 6156

Activity rewards:
I heard of generic brands before but this is going a little too far
№8 Author: nasty (30 Jul 2009 02:45) Total user comments: 0

yeah, blatant ripoffs, i live in shanghai and see them regularly. but as with most knockoffs, the outside looks similar (or the same) but what's underneath it's a rather different beast.

while this may be a bit blatant, most car companies have knockoff designs from each other. look at the hyundai sonata, looks very similar to an older jag. i know that the subaru legacy has some look alikes at GM and toyota. how about that ugly lego jeep that toyota made? there are some pretty blatant cases here, but it happens.

@earl, solale, fred finizzi- well, i've seen a few riich cars and i suspect you're correct about them. but chery is a pretty big brand here. they're not as well respected as VW, Ford, or GM here (yes, that's right, GM actually makes GOOD cars in China, far better than the ones in the US at least...) but i'd probably say that they're a second tier producer- like hyundai in the US, cheap and not great quality, but decent and gets you around. It's kind of funny, japanese brands are a bit less popular here- many people believe that japanese car manufacturers in china build inferior or faulty cars on purpose so they kill chinese people in accidents.

@Albert- being that the chinese fuel efficency standards are higher than in the US, and that they tax cars with larger engines more heavily, i'd say you're probably 100% correct
№9 Author: amao (20 Aug 2009 11:23) Total user comments: 0

I'm a Chinese. i really like to say something. I totally understand your feelings but still i think you have too much prejudice to Chinese people. i don't like the coping thing either, but now none of us can really do anything about this. it's an inevitable process in a country's development. we're all doing our best to make the situation better. i hope you can share some understanding about us.
№10 Author: robin yates (27 Aug 2009 08:10) Total user comments: 192

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good luck to China,,,,,,,, in a few years time,,,,, they will be producing cars better than the Americans, and a lot cheaper,,,,,,,,,,,, 29
№11 Author: billy (9 Sep 2009 02:30) Total user comments: 0

wow da models r really hot btw da worst car models i have ever seen so far n fake,lol

instead of china y not fakena,lmao btw i hope da models arent fake,lol
№12 Author: Ray (14 Sep 2009 14:06) Total user comments: 0

Gotta start somewhere. They're copying a Sov, er, Russian carrier, too. You don't do original code or designs when you're learning the ropes.
Give 'em a couple of decades and they'll be building their own designs as good or better than the West. We need deregulate our industries and start turning out more engineers and scientists than we do lawyers...
№13 Author: Manaz (21 Sep 2009 20:02) Total user comments: 0

Chinese produce crap quality cars. Look at some of the crash tests of chinese cars.
№14 Author: tapatio (1 Oct 2009 21:00) Total user comments: 2047

Activity rewards:
all this talk about the cars , whether they look like an american car or european for that matter is just a waste of words and lots of insults will take us no were..

yes i agree in principle that all chinese are assholes,

i will admit to the hate we all feel in the world for them sumsofbeaches,

i will reluctantly agree to the sentiment that they have shit for brains and smell like a ton of wasted garlic mixed with dog shit,

but there no reason to insult them, i am sure they are almost human and they deserve our petty and some sympathy, ofter all PETA has them in their list.

so lets stop the fumanchu bashing and give`em insteed of the middle finger a chance.........

in hell that is.!!!!!
№15 Author: Lucas H.C. (27 Oct 2009 18:53) Total user comments: 0

I would like to se you in their places, you bunch of shitheads!
№16 Author: khannibal (14 Jan 2010 13:57) Total user comments: 4711

Activity rewards:
№17 Author: Rolaz (26 Jan 2010 23:18) Total user comments: 0

LOL. haven't Chrysler just built a "Roll Royce wannabe" oh yeah the Royal Ride, and the 300c after the Bentley. Ain't just the chinese ripping of the car industry is it?
№18 Author: adzhoe (7 May 2010 02:16) Total user comments: 14614

Activity rewards:
China. THE RIP-OFF Capital of the world!. Of course they can make things cheaper, little to no safety standards, no pollution controls from factories ( just dump it the rivers and lakes and ruin the environment). no scubbers in smokestacks, that just adds to the cost of product, cheaper to pollute the air! Wages? ha!. Still inferior products! etc. etc. etc.

Oh, forgot to mention all the money they save on RESEARCH BY COPYING OTHERS PRODUCTS! r and d MAKES THINGS COST MORE!
№19 Author: compmaster (16 Nov 2010 23:44) Total user comments: 1870

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№20 Author: DocMcCoy (24 Sep 2011 17:28) Total user comments: 6039

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They suck.
№21 Author: mahedi (22 Sep 2012 09:47) Total user comments: 10754

Activity rewards:
US Hamvi also there
№22 Author: Pareal Flieds (11 Mar 2013 02:22) Total user comments: 0

They are so stupid
№23 Author: in debt (18 Jul 2013 01:37) Total user comments: 0

u can make a car too...

it's not like u need a genius brain....

remember... there actually was a patent on the car, yes the CAR itself for a while... then finally the supreme court allowed Ford, to start making cars as well

the idea, is actually how to make cars so they break down, so you have to pay for the repairs, right about when the warranty expires....

so u can use cheap plastic parts, like the Europeans, which have horrendous depreciation

i don't care who makes it, or what kind of configuration, but if you can get a clutch-manual, all wheel drive system, that kind of transmission, and attach it to engines of ur choice, hybrid, diesel, all electric, petrol, turbo, or non-turbo, supercharged, or non, v8, v6, i-4, rotary, 3 cylinder, h12, or whatever the f---.

u've got real car... especially if it doesn't blow a head gasket in 5 years... or have an internal oil leak...

otherwise.... all those cars pictured above... don't mean jack to me... they might as well be automatic one-wheel drive
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